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david-wattsWelcome to Broxtowe Enews, brought to you by the Liberal Democrats and edited
by David Watts, the leader of the Lib-Dems on Broxtowe Borough Council. May I
give a warm welcome to the new readers that we have this week. May I also
apologise that this newsletter is delivered late and is shorter than normal.
Unfortunately I left my laptop behind in North Yorkshire over the weekend and
so I’ve had to reconstruct much of the newsletter from memory! (For the new
readers may I assure you that this doesn’t usually happen.)

1.Midland Mainline electrification
The Government have announced a £1 billion funding scheme to electrify the
midland mainline and increase capacity on the lines. This is extremely good
news and will lead to faster journey times along the route. Hopefully we will
also get new rolling stock as well. This work should be carried out over the
next five years.

2.M1 Works
I reported last week that the Highways Agency would be shutting the M1 for
maintenance work. They have now confirmed the precise details for this. The
works will be carried out overnight, starting at 8pm and finishing at 6 am.
Southbound works are between 14th and 18th January 2013 and Northbound between
20th and 25th January 2013. Main carriageway closures will typically be
between 22:00 – 06:00 each night (although on specific nights this may be
reduced to as short as 23:00 – 04:00). Slip Roads will typically be closed
between 20:00 – 06:00 each night.

3.Beeston Square
A meeting has been arranged this coming Thursday at 7.30pm, at John Clifford
School, Beeston, to discuss the plans to develop Beeston Square. The developers
will be present as will a number of other councillors. Unfortunately I’m
hosting another meeting on Thursday so cannot attend. This is an open meeting
that anyone may attend, and has been arranged by the Beestonia blog.

4.Toton Sidings
Diggers appeared at Toton Sidings this weekend and started drilling holes. When
challenged by local residents the drivers said that they were doing some test
digs before housing was built on the site. Regular readers may recall that this
is the site that the owners illegally felled a woodland a couple of years back,
and the digging was in the area where they have been ordered to reinstate the
trees. There are no plans to build houses on this site and the council is now
making urgent enquiries to find out what is going on.

5.Bramcote and Stapleford Neighbourhood Watch alert scheme

If you would like to join the Stapleford & Bramcote alert scheme then please
send your email address to staplefordcommunitygroup@gmail.com . By signing up
to become a member of the site, you will receive Neighbourhood Alerts from
Nottinghamshire Police and Neighbourhood Watch and can use the site to report
information about crime, suspicious behaviour and antisocial behaviour you see
or hear in your area. The service is completely free to use, you decide how
and when you would like to receive Alerts and control who can send you
information. Alerts are graded into five priority levels and you decide what
priority level of message you are prepared to receive. This means you only
receive the information you want, when you want it and only from the
organisations you want it from. You will be sent information about crime
trends in your area and community safety and crime reduction advice.
Occasionally the police will appeal for information about recent crimes and ask
you what priorities you want them to focus on in your area. Our aim is to
provide up-to-date information direct to registered members in order to support
two-way communication between you, Nottinghamshire Police and Neighbourhood
Watch, and to work together to reduce crime in your area. If you are
registered with the system, you will be able to report information about
antisocial behaviour and suspicious behaviour, which will be passed on to
Nottinghamshire Police and to other authorised administrators. By doing this,
you can provide the police with valuable information about criminal activity in
your area and help shape the priorities they focus on.

6.Russley Road Lamp Posts
Following a series of thefts in the Russley Road area in Bramcote the police
noticed that two successive lamp posts were not working, creating a dark area.
They brought this to the attention of my colleague Stan Heptinstall and he has
now asked the department to urgently address this.

7.High Speed 2
Despite the leaks to the press last weekend from central government there was
no announcement this week regarding the route for the HS2 rail line up to
Leeds. I do expect a station to be built in Nottingham, probably at Toton, but
we are still waiting for confirmation of this.

8.Security Scheme Grants
The borough council is making £20,000 available to provide grants to elderly
residents for providing new secure front doors. The grants are open to those
over 60 who own their dwelling, are identified by the police of being at risk
of crime and are in receipt of benefits. The new doors will be uPVC , making
them more secure than traditional wooden ones.

9.Resident Satisfaction Survey
It was very pleasing this week to read the results of a survey into residents
views of the borough and the council. 86% of residents surveyed said that they
were satisfied with Broxtowe as a place to live, continuing an upward trend for
several years. 72% of residents were also happy with the way that the council
run things, again a figure which increases year by year. The survey is
conducted across Nottinghamshire and in every category where a comparison was
possible Broxtowe faired better than the Nottinghamshire average.

10.Five Year Policing Plan
The police commissioner has published his first five year policing plan for
Nottinghamshire, making tackling anti-social behaviour his number 1 priority. I
will put a copy of his plan on the Broxtowe Lib-Dem web site at
www.broxtoweliberaldemocrats.org.uk by the end of this week as soon as I get my
computer back).

11.Net Plans
Also on the web site by the end of the week will be the latest timetable of
works published by NET, showing what they are planning to do over the next six

12.Inham Nook Recreation Ground
The council is planning to spend £260,000 on improving the Inham Nook
recreation park in Chilwell and they want residents views on how this should be
done. The consultation closes on 18th January so please move quickly if you
would like to have your say. Details of the consultation are available from

13.Cossall Church
Work has now finished refurbishing the lychgate at Cossall Church, at a cost of
£2,600, and a memorial plaque within the church has also been renovated. This
has been funded by my colleague Ken Rigby from his County Council funds.

14.Councillors Allowances
There was some discussion in the national media this week about the allowances
that councillors receive. Broxtowe councillors are paid a basic allowance of
£3,704 per year, the third lowest in Notts. Some (including me) get extra for
holding special responsibilities, so I in fact get to take home about £500 per
month for my work as a councillor. There are other allowances that I could
claim (such as travel costs to and from meetings) but I don’t claim them. I
don’t need the money and in fact I didn’t even know that councillors got
paid an allowance until after I was first elected.

As ever thanks for your support for this newsletter and any feedback is
gratefully received.

David Watts

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