Trowell CAT minutes 5/12/2012

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Please find attached the minutes from the last Trowell CAT meeting.


Councillor Ken Rigby                     Broxtowe Borough Council                       KR

Marice Hawley                                  Broxtowe Borough Council                       MH

PCSO Craig Gealy                          Nottinghamshire Police                  CG

10 residents attended

1.         Welcome and Introductions

Cllr Rigby welcomed everybody to the meeting.


2.         Apologies                                        

Mr J Bryant

Sue Lockwood

PC Pete Farrell                     Nottinghamshire Police                  PF

3.         Update on actions from last meeting

Festival Inn drain and hedge – this is an ongoing situation, it has been inspected although nothing else has happened yet. Both the drain and hedge are on Festival Inn property so an enforcement notice may be required.

Stapleford   Road Hedge – Contacted Severn Trent to resolve and it is believed to have been completed.

Ilkeston   Road fire hydrant signs – The Chief Fire Officer will resolve however the hydrant number is required. Number 59 – 61.

Ilkeston   Road drainage – There has been a request to Severn Trent for the system along Ilkeston Road to be dye tested however it is thought that this has yet to be done.

Boundary Brook – Contacted Robert Westerman who responded that it would be attended to however this work is still to be completed.

Railway Bridge – Reported to Network Rail however there has been no reply.

Speed Camera   Pit Lane – this monitoring has been carried out and Specials are also being used to carry out enforceable monitoring. 18.45 to 19.45 is the best time to monitor.

Interactive Speed Signs – The interactive sigs on both Stapleford and Cossall Roads should be installed by Christmas.

Flooding – Due to 3 flooding incidents this year the valve between Boundary Brook and the River Erewash is being investigated to see if a twin pump system is appropriate to prevent flooding happening in the future.

Fallen tree

There is a tree fallen on boundary brook on the path on the pit side and is obstructing the path – MH to inform BBC.

4.         Police Update – PF

All crime in Trowell is down 36% down from the same period last year.

Offences in Trowell since the last meeting on 26 September 2012.

  • 1 Dwelling Burglary
  • 1  theft from Vehicle
  • 2 theft (metal)
  • No incidents of ASB reported

The contact point in Stapleford has now been re-located to a vacant shop unit on Derby Road.

Residents are encouraged to sign up to the Neighbourhood Alert site (through the Police website) to receive crime alerts.

Police contact numbers


  • Non-emergency  – 101
  • Emergency – 999
  • Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111

5.         Open Forum for Residents Issues

Field Farm Development

There is a rumour that Westermans is in negotiations with the Borough Council over the use of the field for sporting facilities.

Negotiations will be taking place over the section 106 contributions from the development and decisions will be made over what the money will be used for at the appropriate time. It is understood that one suggestion is for another pitch and changing rooms for Trowell FC.

Westermans has also contacted and met with the Parish Council regarding the use of the land, the Parish Council has strongly reiterated its position that it does not support planning applications for building on green belt land within the village.

Despite this the Parish Council has needed to be pragmatic in that if the development does go ahead despite their opposition they wish to ensure that the land would be put to the best use for the village so it would be prepared to accept the land if the Borough Council do not wish to accept it.

No decision has however been made.

Stanton Development

Is there any further news on this major development – there is capacity for 9,000 houses however the land is heavily polluted. The number of properties has been reduced to 2,000 unless an A Road is also provided to feed the development. There were 3 original routes which were all rejects. A further route onto the M1 was subsequently proposed but also rejected.


The Bollard on church corner has a light out.

Lighting Faults

Residents now have to report lights to Notts County Council either through the main number or the website. There is one on Church Close.

British Coal Land

Has land owned by British Coal been sold – British Coal can sell land however they can’t sell the land with planning permission.

Trowell Moor

A planning application is expected on Trowell Moor for 750 homes in the near future.

Lamp Standard Damage

The light opposite the Festival Inn has been hit and the lamp is no longer straight.

Overtaking Cars

Cars exiting Stapleford Road at Church Corner are overtaking on the wrong side of both sets of bollards.

6.         Dates of Future meetings

6 February 2013

17 July 2013

11 December 2013

Meeting finished at 9.25 pm




Fallen Tree

Marice Hawley

Boundary Brook path BroxtoweBC    to be informed

Bollard light out

Cllr Rigby

Light in bollard faulty on church corner

Faulty Light

Cllr Rigby

Faulty light on Church Close

Festival Inn

Cllr Rigby

Issues with the    drain and hedge

Ilkeston Rd

Cllr Rigby

Fire hydrant sign

Boundary Brook

Cllr Rigby


Interactive speed    signs

Cllr Rigby

2 sites


Cllr Rigby


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