Harrison Road, Stapleford

2nd February 2013 staplefordcommunitygroup Help & Advice, Stapleford Community Group 0 Comments

Another great result and happy residents.

After receiving a phone call from an elderly gentleman of Harrison Road Stapleford I went out to visit him.

It was explained that 4 years of complaining to a local councillor about the state of the hedge row and pavement and the fact that nothing was being done about it, there were several neighbours left very upset.

The hedge row was in fact that bad they had to walk across each others gardens as the pavement wasn’t fit to walk on, buried behind the hedge row was a lamppost which didn’t work.

By working along side both Broxtowe Borough Council and Nottingham County Council as you can see its all nice and neat.

The hedge has been cut right back, the pavement cleared of leaves and the lamppost now works. After many years of darkness the residents who live along this stretch of Harrison Road can at long last walk safely and gain easier access to there properties.


  1. Fantastic well done Richard, it’s a shame though that the council just ignore residents.

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