Grenville Drive, could it become Permit Holders only parking ?

20th February 2013 staplefordcommunitygroup Help & Advice Tags: , , , 0 Comments

Due to the fact that people doing the School run and the poor parking on Grenville Drive residents are now considering making an official request to Nottinghamshire County Council to have the road made permit holders parking only. There is currently an application form being filled in by the residents which will then be sent off to the council who will look into the possibility of making this happen.

There are yellow zig zag lines near the entrance to Albany School but people are parking on these, there are also H bars outside the drive ways of residents, again parents are parking there cars on these as they then go and drop there children off at School. This is also happening as people drop off and collect there children from Sure Start. The Police do make regular patrols and do inform people how to park. But once the Police are gone it continues.

This is a major problem outside all local Schools, but now residents have had enough and it seems that making the road permit holders only could be the only way to go.

One resident was driving out of there drive and due to the fact the parking was bad and blocking there view they had a near miss with a child walking along to school.

Please, if you have to use your car when you do the School run have some consideration for the people who live in the houses near the School.


  1. Alan Mayall 4 years Reply

    This is a big problem, my wife was nearly run over due to parking on both sides of the road, where the yellow lines are and blocking visibility, then you get a speeding driver, in a hurry to drop the kids off, putting any person kids and adults at risk when trying to cross the road safely.

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