Warning about Thefts from and of Vehicles

3rd March 2013 staplefordcommunitygroup Police Alerts, Update & Messages. Tags: , 0 Comments

Karl Barlow (Police, PC 2882, Broxtowe South) writes: There have been a number of thefts from and of vehicles where owners have left their vehicles unlocked, sometimes with the keys left in the vehicles.

The areas that are most vulnerable are those close to the main roads.  The local police are running several operations in the area to combat vehicle crime, but this is not helped when cars/vans are left unlocked.

One tactic that thieves use is to simply walk along a street trying car doors until they find one unlocked.  If you see any suspicious people/activity in the area, please report it dialing 101 or if you see a crime occurring 999.

Please reduce the chance of becoming a victim by locking your vehicles and removing all valuables, especially overnight.

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