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There have recently been a number of commercial vans stolen in Nottinghamshire where keys have been left in the ignition whilst the vehicles were left unattended.
In light of these incidents we would ask that all vehicle owners remain vigilant and we would like to remind all vehicle owners to ensure that their vehicles are secured at all times.

Vehicle security advice:

Commercial vehicles

If you own or have use of a commercial van, when carrying out work and being away from your commercial van, ensure that the vehicle is parked securely and is locked at all times whilst unattended.

Ensure that all valuable electronic equipment such as sat navs, mobile phones and audio equipment are removed from the vehicle whilst left unattended.

Ensure that power tools that you are not using whilst carrying out your work are kept safely secure within the vehicle and out of sight, for example using devices such as Van Vaults to keep tools locked away safely. 

We would advise you to ensure that when vans are parked overnight, to remove all items of value such as power tools. In an attempt to deter offenders stickers can be applied to vans to declare that no items of value are left in the vehicle.

Personal vehicles

Ensure you close and lock all windows, doors and sunroofs before leaving your vehicle unattended.

Activate any security devices, such as alarms and immobilisers, when leaving your car unattended.

Don’t leave anything on display – even an old jacket or loose change can be an appealing target for a thief.

Never leave your keys in your vehicle, even for a second.

Never leave the vehicle with the engine running or the keys in the ignition. If your car is stolen in this situation you may not be covered by your insurance.

In light of this activity we would ask that you report any suspicious activity to the Police Control Room immediately on 101. In the case of an emergency for example where life is in danger or a crime is in progress, please call 999.

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