Road markings near local Schools.

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With the continued problems of parking near Schools it is important that the road markings are clear, and after being contacted by parents with regards Albany School last year I spoke with the Nottinghamshire County Council Highways Team.

I also recently contacted them with regards the worn out markings on Ewe Lamb Lane, Bramcote/Stapleford either side of the entrance to Wadsworth Fields Primary School. You can see from the replies below that the markings on Ewe Lamb Lane are now down for repainting, which is great news for both parents and pupils who attend the School.

“Dear Mr MacRae,

I have issued a request to our Lining Team for the markings on Ewe Lamb Lane to be renewed. I understand that they have quite a backlog of work in this area at present but please be assured that we will attend to this particular site as soon as we can.

Laura Trusler
Senior Highway Liaison Officer
Highways South”

I also received the following message with regards the road markings outside the Albany School entrance on Pasture Road.

“I visited the site on Pasture Road last May and the School Keep Clears were done shortly after that. However, what wasn’t installed was the H-Bar line opposite the school and around the junction with Furlong Close. I had a look at the site last May to see if it would feasible to install bollards on the school side of this site. However, this is not possible due to the close proximity of neighbouring driveways, some of which are double.

Liz Rickards
Principal Highways Safety Officer
Nottinghamshire County Council”


  1. Further to this I have had a reply to the request for H bars to be installed either side of Charles Avenue at the junction with Wadsworth Road, this should keep the residents happy.

    “Hi Richard,

    I am happy to order works for advisory lining at this junction. Please bear in mind that we are currently going through a major restructure and all lining works are in the process of being outsourced to a private contractor therefore these works will be put on hold until the new process is in please. I anticipate they will be carried out within the next 8-12 weeks. My colleague Lynn Connelly will be overseeing this request.

    Kind regards


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