Fight Back Britain

21st March 2013 staplefordcommunitygroup Upcoming Events 0 Comments

Is your community affected by an on-going crime? Are you thinking of doing something about it?
A new BBC Series about crime and anti-social behaviour is looking for communities and groups that are considering taking action to curb crime and tackle anti-social behaviour. RDF Television are looking for neighbourhoods that are considering their own initiatives to help police. Perhaps your street/community centre/allotments/church is about to install CCTV cameras? Maybe, locals are planning to take turns to keep watch on a particular crime hotspot or to patrol the streets? Or maybe your community is planning to employ the latest technological advances to cut crime and antisocial behaviour?

If your community is on the verge of taking action then RDF television wants to hear from you.

Call RDF Television on 0207 013 4208 or email with an outline of the situation and a member of their team will be in touch. If you would like any further information about who RDF Television is, you can visit their website

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