Field Farm – Last Chance

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Bramcote Conservation Society would like to remind the residents of Bramcote and Stapleford that an important decision is about to be made by Broxtowe Borough Council.

On April 10th the Council’s Planning Committee will meet to decide whether to approve the application to build 450 houses on Field Farm, Ilkeston Road, Stapleford.

If approval is given to build the housing estate a beautiful view will be lost for ever. Many local people will lose a lovely area for walking and the implications for local traffic will be horrendous.

Currently the average speed on Ilkeston Road in the rush hour is just 3mph and the Sherwin Arms island is officially acknowledged to be at or over capacity. Imagine how much worse it will be with around 700 cars coming out of this new estate in the rush hour.

So, if you are not happy with the idea of total gridlock on your roads, or with the destruction of your Green Belt you have one last chance to stop it. Write or email all your local Councillors as soon as possible telling them why you are opposed to this development.

Thank you for taking the time.

George Read


Bramcote Conservation Society

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  1. Fiona Machin 4 years Reply

    As a resident of Moorbridge Lane, I experience daily the overwhelming influx of major traffic detouring along my neighbourhood.
    All day long the traffic consists of heavy loaded lorries,cars,buses,noisy mopeds/motorbikes,vans etc.etc.
    I appreciate this is a gateway/shortcut to the A52 , but wasn’t a lane built for the sheer volume of traffic that passes through here. 24/7.
    Imagine that quadrupled when the new “village” in stanton has been established ?? Where do they access the A52 ??

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