Dad fined 70 times for parking outside his own home

16th April 2013 staplefordcommunitygroup Nottingham Evening Post Tags: 0 Comments

A FATHER has had to pay 70 parking tickets for illegally parking near his home.

Steven Spencer has lived in his house in Derby Road, Stapleford, for the last 12 years but the constant introduction of new parking regulations in surrounding streets has cost him up to £4,900 over the last five years.

Mr Spencer has only ever been able to park outside his house for an hour at a time, which was never a problem until new restrictions in the surrounding roads were brought in.

He says he is now forced to pay £1.50 a day to use one of the nearest car parks to Derby Road, which is five minutes’ walk away in Halls Road. But he has been caught out numerous times trying to park for short periods outside his home. The 38-year-old warehouse operative said: “I don’t know exactly how much I have spent, but it runs into the thousands. The whole situation has made us look at moving out.

“I do not understand why the restrictions have been put in place because we are not in the centre of town.

“It is so frustrating not being able to park outside or near your own home. It is just another way for the council to make money.”

“Over the last two years I must have had at least 20 tickets and dozens more before that. I have only been a minute late in some cases.”

Parking tickets cost either £50 or £70 depending on how the vehicle is parked but are reduced by 50 per cent if paid within 14 days.

The latest restriction came in on March 4 and only allows residents to park in nearby West End Street at its junction with Derby Road – and this does not include Mr Spencer.

Neighbour Debra Brett, 48, of Derby Road, Stapleford, said: “I moved into the house in 1995 and have seen all the restrictions come into place.

“We would also move out of the house if we thought we could get anyone to buy it from us with no parking nearby.”

Improvements manager Kate Butler from Notts County Council added: “With all such schemes there is always some conflict of interest and we have to balance the needs of local residents alongside those of businesses in the area.

“The West End Street scheme itself doesn’t have the capacity to allow all residents of Derby Road a permit. We have done our very best to provide a solution which keeps the majority of people happy.”

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