Stapleford Library

18th April 2013 staplefordcommunitygroup Nottingham County Council, Nottingham Evening Post Tags: 0 Comments

Stapleford library closed on 9 March and the library was cleared that week of books, that went into storage, shelving and furniture.

The items that went into the skip included old shelving (over 30 years old)  damaged and dirty chairs and damaged filing cabinets it also include things that had been stored at the library that were damaged and waiting for disposal. Most of the tables and chairs went to other libraries across the county and some will be used in the temporary library that opens 15 April in the Stapleford Town Hall. The kinder boxes have either been sent to other libraries or will be used in the temp library. The map cabinets are being refurbished and IT equipment, including self service units, are in storage.

The costs for the work being done in the library can be broken down into
Priority planned maintenance: current estimate £700,000 (this will include removal of asbestos, new heating and ventilation, lighting, re cabling, new customer toilets including improvement to disabled facilities. windows, doors, ceilings and lift as well as some interior building work to improve the access and layout)

Library service:  £150,000 (to include new shelving, help desk and furniture, This also includes increased shelving in the children’s area which will be increased in size.)
New book and other stock:  £60,000

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