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1st May 2013 staplefordcommunitygroup MP Anna Soubry, Updates from Politicians Tags: , 0 Comments

picture-22737I very much hope you will vote tomorrow in the County Council Elections.

There is always a tendency, especially when a Government is half way through its term in office, to look at the national picture and consider casting a protest vote. It is of course tempting, whether it’s because the economic recovery is not where we had hoped it to be, because Labour seem to be all over the place on what they would do if they were in power (though Harriet Harman ‘fessed up this morning and yes they would increase borrowing – there’s a surprise!) or because the Lib-Dems have been exposed for a well meaning bunch who will pretty much say anything on the doorstep to get your vote- but then do the exact opposite in Government!

Tomorrow is your opportunity to vote for someone who will represent you on the County Council for the next four years. It would not exactly be honest of me to pretend to do an impartial critique of all the various candidates in Broxtowe, when obviously I hope you will vote for the Conservative candidates.

Apart from the fact that only the Conservatives will freeze council tax until at least 2016 (Labour will put it up at considerable cost to households) I do believe the issue of the Green Belt is important when considering how to cast your vote or votes.

It is not a matter for the County Council per se, but as people in Stapleford know to their cost, it is important to have elected representatives who will do just that at every level, represent their communities. People in Stapleford are acutely aware that their Labour and Lib Dem Councillors have consistently voted for or supported housing development on Field Farm. This contrasts with areas like Toton, where all 5 Borough and County Councillors worked together to oppose plans to build on Green Belt. it has been the same in Greasley and Nuthall where only Conservative Councillors have consistently opposed plans to build on Green Belt and again with considerable success.

The polls open tomorrow at 7am and close at 10pm – if you haven’t used your postal vote than just take it to the polling station.

As ever,
Anna Soubry

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