Is a carnival a carnival without a parade?

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Saturday 7th September 2013 sees the Stapleford Carnival return to Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground.

The parade is a massive part of Stapleford Carnival as many people line the streets, sit outside the local pubs and then follow the parade to the park and enjoy the carnival.

But due to new regulations in place its looking like the parade will not take place.

More details as soon as they are received.

Ilkeston and Long Eaton Carnivals won’t be effected as Derbyshire Council have not adopted the new rules yet.

Its not just Stapleford Carnival that could be effected it could also include the massive Nottingham Carnival which takes place on the forest site in Hyson Green.


  1. Dear Richard

    Stapleford Carnival can have floats and the parade and other carnivals can have parades but the organisers of these events have to ensure that appropriate arrangements for management of event and road traffic are in place.

    In many cases, these events have been managed by the police for many years but the availability of this valuable resource cannot be assumed or assured indefinitely. In the absence of police management the organisers need to put traffic management arrangements in place and regrettably are often unable to do so due to lack of expertise, resources or funding.

    NCC will assist organisers by providing advice and guidance to help them to plan their event and will provide legal orders to enable traffic to be stopped and /or diverted, usually at no cost. However, the responsibility for providing traffic management equipment and suitable people to carry this out rests with the organiser.

    In the case of Stapleford Carnival, I understand that the organisers have decided to cancel the parade aspect of the event due to the high costs of providing the necessary signs and manpower. I have recently written to the organisers offering to consider any plan for the management of the event and to provide further guidance if this would be of assistance.

    I trust that you will therefore appreciate that it is not a case that parades cannot take place but that we are unable to approve proposals that do not deal with traffic in an appropriate and legal manner.

    If I can be of further assistance please let me know.

    Peter Goode
    Traffic Manager, Nottinghamshire County Council

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