Police seek to reassure after 22 burglaries

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A PUBLIC meeting was called after a spate of burglaries in Stapleford.

Since Tuesday, April 30, there have been 22 burglaries in the town.

In an effort to reassure the public, local police officers attended yesterday’s talks at the Meeting Place, Nottingham Road, Stapleford.

Organiser Richard MacRae, of Stapleford Community Group, said: “A lot of people are worried about crime in the town and that is why the police have come to reassure people.

“Anything that brings the community and police together can only be a good thing.”

Since the end of April, there have been 12 burglaries from houses and 10 from sheds.

Beat manager PC Pete Farell said: “All of the houses except one did not have alarms fitted and the one that did had it turned off.

“Hopefully, the last few weeks have just been a blip.

“If anyone wants us to come round at any time for crime prevention advice, they should get in touch.

“The biggest problem we have is that a number of individuals think that they are above the law.”

Police urged members of the public to be vigilant and not to post their movements on social networking sites.

Burglary victim Ruth Zoumides, 37, of Stapleford said: “I think that the police could do more.

“My car and laptop were stolen and when the police came, I felt that I had done something wrong.”

Dan Russell
Nottingham Post


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