Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground, Stapleford

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This was posted a while back and as advised emails were then sent to all Stapleford Town Councillors, some are also Borough and County Councillors, also included in the emails were MP Anna Soubry.

Sadly only two replies were received , one kind email from Jacky Williams offering that the meeting could possibly be held at the Carnegie Hall if needed, the other from MP Anna Soubry who said to let her know about the meeting.

Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground is in need of an uplift, it needs to be fully fenced in, to make it safer and keep the motorbikes off.

The submitted ideas were to put a footpath around the inside of the park,fence it all in and also spoken about was outdoor exercise items better seating too and a wildlife area. These ideas all came about after talking with many people who use the park and live in the area.

The park needs money spending on it. Its about time the Stapleford North Ward had some improvements and with poverty of under 20s at just under 30% it would be a step in the right direction.

We need to make the most of our open spaces. Only last year Hickings Lane Park in Stapleford had many thousands of pounds spent on the skate park which is a great place, now its about to have more money spent on a path around the inside and outdoor exercise items (sound familiar).

Its great that the park is being upgraded but it would have been good to see a different area of Stapleford benefit for once.


  1. Edith Stevens 4 years Reply

    when the houses get built on field farm will they be in North Stapleford ward?
    maybe then our councillors will be more pro-active in that area!!

    • Any development on Field Farm on the Staplefordside would be classed as Stapleford North Ward.

      IF development does happen on Field Farm then there would be what’s known as section 106 money paid by the developers to the Council, that money can be used towards improvments amoungst other uses. But again IF that does happen then its important that any money is spent in Stapleford North Ward.

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