Awsworth ‘Party On The Rec 2013’ 

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6th July 2013
Awsworth Village Recreation Ground, The Lane Awsworth, Nottingham, NG16 2QQ

Time:11am to 11pm
£2.50 for Adults & £1.50 for children and recycled teenagers. Parking is £1.00 per car.


Changes to be aware of

No BBQ’s

No Gazzebo’s


Alcohol Policy


To conform with H&S and licencing regulations the following restrictions have been put onto Party on the Rec.


1. No Glass Allowed on Party on the Rec – Bottles/Glasses will be confiscated.

2. There will be no re-admittance into Party on the Rec carrying alcohol.

3. Excessive quantities of alcohol will not be allowed on Party on the Rec.

4. No admittance with alcohol after 6pm

5. All bars will close at 10.30pm


Party on the Rec is a family fun day and we have had no recordable trouble to date and we wish to keep it this way.


We will continue to allow a small qty of alcohol when you first come in. Many events don’t allow this anymore. (8 Cans Per Adult OR 1 Bottle of 70cLs of wine per adult)


Ample Car Parking is provided follow the signs through the village to Westby Lane, head down Westby Lane follow the signs and it’s on the left a small £1.00 charge for a parking space all day.

The organisers take no responsibility for any damage or loss to or from your vehicle, drivers park entirely at their own risk.

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