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The Stapleford Police Station is now closed and the beat team are now based in ‘The Meeting Place’ 22 – 26 Nottingham Road Stapleford. Tel 101 Extension 855 5761.


During June 2013 a total of 9 crimes were reported to the Police for the Bramcote beat.

The crimes that were reported during June 2013 are as follows:

Burglary dwelling – 1
Burglary other – 1
Theft – 2
Criminal damage – 2
Theft from motor vehicle – 2
Drug offences -1

During June 2013 a total of 10 crimes were reported to the Police for the Stapleford North beat.

The crimes that were reported during June 2013 are as follows:

Burglary dwelling -3
Burglary other – 1
Drug offences – 1
Theft – 2
Theft from motor vehicle – 2
Violence against a person – 1

During June 2013 a total of 8 crimes were reported to the Police for the Stapleford South East beat.

The crimes that were reported during June 2013 are as follows:

Burglary other – 2
Theft From Motor Vehicle – 3
Theft – 1
Violence against a person – 1
Robbery – 1

During June 2013 a total of 26 crimes were reported to the Police for the Stapleford South West Beat.

The crimes that were reported during June 2013 are as follows:

Burglary dwelling -2
Theft – 5
Theft from Motor vehicle – 2
Violence against person – 7
Criminal damage – 6
Drug offences – 1
Fraud and forgery – 1
Other offences – 2

During June 2013 a total of 9 crimes were reported to the Police for the Trowell beat.

The Crimes that were reported during June 2013 are as follows:

Criminal damage – 2
Theft from motor vehicle – 1
Theft – 1
Theft of motor vehicle – 1
Other offences – 4

The 3 main priorities for the Stapleford Cluster at this time are
Vehicle related nuisance
Rowdy nuisance behaviour

These priorities were highlighted through the Neighbourhood Priority Surveys and were agreed at the Safer Neighbourhood Committee that was held on the 11th April 2013. The local beat teams for the cluster will be tackling these issues for the next 12 weeks. The next Safer Neighbourhood Committee is being held on 18th July 2013 at 7.00pm and will be held at The Meeting Place on Nottingham Road Stapleford.

Just a little update regarding the priorities and what we have been doing:

Anti Social Behaviour
You said: that ASB was an issue in the area with groups of youths on street corners, noise from neighbours causing problems as well.
We did: we have been patrolling the streets and talking with groups of young people and where needed we have moved them away from the area and onto the parks.
We have been in contact with the persons reporting issues with their neighbours and together with Broxtowe council and Mediation we have and are trying to resolve the problems.

Vehicle nuisance
You said: that there are still vehicles driving to fast on the roads and there are persons using motor bikes on the pathways and green areas.
We did: You said: that there are still vehicles speeding on the local roads and that parking is an issue in locations around Stapleford and Bramcote.
We did: Speed Enforcement Checks conducted in the following areas: Hickings Lane, Ilkeston Road Stapleford, Hillside Road Bramcote and Nottingham Road Stapleford.
Number of vehicles stopped: 124
Verbal warnings: 112
Number of Fixed Penalty Notices issues for speeding: 11
Report for summons: 0
Number of Section 59 Notices issued: 4

It was noted that whilst speeding is consistently a major concern of residents in the cluster, it is, infact, local residents who are the main offenders of speeding in the area.

You said: that this concerns all house holders living in the area.
We did: we have increased ongoing patrols targeting persons believed to be involved, we have issued local residents in Stapleford with shed alarms given to use by the Stapleford Town council to try to combat this issue. Burglary victims have been revisited and areas target hardened with letters.



When a burglary is reported to the Police the Local Beat Team will deliver a crime prevention leaflet to every house on the street where the burglary has occurred. This is to ensure that every resident is informed of this burglary should someone have witnessed anything suspicious and also to ensure that residents take all available steps to secure their property in order that any future offences can be prevented.

If you have any information as to who is committing burglaries or about any other crime then call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Please continue to lock your doors and windows when you are not at home and ensure that your house alarm is set. If you do not have a house alarm please consider installing one as this is a useful visual deterrent.

At this time of year most people switch lights on but leave curtains and blinds open. This is an ideal opportunity for a burglar to walk past your house and see what items you have on display. Please consider closing blinds and curtains when you switch your lights on.

Also ensure that keys to your vehicles are placed in a secure location within your house. Do not leave them on a key hook by the front door or on a table in the hallway. Ideally, place them somewhere that is not obvious. The same is true for your house keys. Please place these in a location that is not obvious but where all members of the household know where to find them in case of an emergency.


In May there were 2 incidents of theft from motor vehicle, in Iona drive and Salcey drive in Trowell . Please make sure that if you use these services to remove all items of value from your vehicle. Remove the Satellite Navigation System and the holder and get into the habit of wiping the windscreen where the holder has been. Removing items from your vehicle reduces the temptation for someone to break into your vehicle. Even items like re-usable shopping bags should be removed. Any item that is left in the vehicle can tempt an offender to break in to see what is inside.

The Local Beat Team will also deliver crime prevention leaflets to every house should an autocrime offence occur on the street. This is to also ensure that residents are aware and can take appropriate steps to ensure their vehicle is not broken into.


The Local Beat Team are conducting patrols around the area in order to ensure that Anti Social Behaviour is kept to a minimum. If any residents are experiencing Anti Social Behaviour then please contact the Local Beat Team.


The Local Beat Team are actively seeking volunteers to set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme on their street. The intention is to have a scheme running on every street in the Neighbourhood. Neighbourhood Watch is a vital link between the Community and the Local Beat Team and we are committed in trying to expand this.

The Local Beat Team regularly delivers leaflets throughout the Neighbourhood and whilst doing this we will check to see if your street is in Neighbourhood Watch. Should you not be in a Neighbourhood Watch area this leaflet will also contain a section requesting volunteers to form a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. In some instances you can get a discount from your Home Insurance Company through being in a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

If you are interested in Neighbourhood Watch and would like to set up a scheme then please contact a member of the Local Beat Team.


Neighbourhood Watch has now come into the 21st century by allowing community members to contribute without having to attend meetings or patrol streets. It’s simple to use, highly secure and free and can provide warnings about local criminal activity and prevention advice by email, text or phone. It also allows members to supply information to the police about suspicious activity in total confidence and discuss local issues online.
If you would like any other information regarding the Neighbourhood Alert scheme then please visit the Following website:


Please complete the NPS on a regular basis. The purpose of the surveys are to tell us of any concerns / problems you have in the area where you live, work or visit. They also enable you to make suggestions of ways in which we could tackle the issues effectively. The results of the surveys are analysed every three months, and from these we set priorities. YOUR priorities are OUR priorities. We focus our time in these areas to make improvements on what concerns you. We then repeat the process every three months therefore keeping up to date with your issues.

If you require any of the surveys either for yourself, or to distribute to your friends, neighbours, or social activity groups please make contact with us either by email, phone or text, or visit Stapleford Police Station and we will be happy to provide you with as many as you require.

There is now an online survey that can be completed at

Finally, the Local Beat Team would like to remind all residents to report any problems or incidents to the Police in order that we can be aware and tackle the problem. The non emergency number is 101

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