Flooded roads

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Do not travel along roads which have been closed.

take it easy when driving through standing water to avoid the risk of aquaplaning

only drive through water if you know that it’s not too deep

allow oncoming traffic to pass first and test your brakes as soon as possible after leaving the water.

if driving through deep water take it slowly but steadily, using a low gear, to avoid creating waves or causing your car engine to take in water

use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced

double the distance between your car and the car in front of you, as stopping distances are increased by wet roads

do not attempt to drive through fast-moving water – your car could easily be swept away
remember that driving fast through standing water is inconsiderate and can cause water to be thrown onto pavements, soaking pedestrians or cyclists. You could face a hefty fine if the police believe you were driving without reasonable consideration for other road users.


In the event of flooding, residents are reminded not to enter flood water in case of hidden hazards such as lifted manhole covers.

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