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Possible ATM Fraud in Stapleford

27th December 2014 Help & Advice Tags: , , , 0 Comments


We have been informed that the ATM at The Jaguar Coop has possibly been fitted with a cloning device.

If you have used this machine in the past week please check your bank account and contact your bank ASAP. 

If we get more details we will pass them on.

We were sent the following message earlier.

“Thought you might want to post. New co op atm has had a cloning machine on for the last few days, I know of 4 people hit since the 23rd myself included.”

So we shared the information, having nipped into the Coop and spoken with the manager she says she is not aware of this happening though.


  1. Matthew rayns 7 years Reply

    I Work for a high street bank and know that this has affected people

  2. Simon 7 years Reply

    I’ve used the machine and it appears my card has been cloned Also. Bank advised me today

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