Outstanding Issues In Stapleford & A Few Completed Ones. 

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​This area where there are loose Stones is near Faraday Court, they either need removing or cementing back in place. As it stands it’s a trip hazard. 

Thanks to the Council for repairing this Wall at Whiteley Close. 

After a few years of constantly asking Stapleford Town Council to sort out the Hedge along the Ewe Lamb Lane Allotments it’s finally been cut right back thanks to Broxtowe Borough Council, hopefully they now keep on top of this.  

Requests to Prune these Trees seem to be falling on deaf ears, another request has been sent to Broxtowe Borough Council who own the land where the Trees are. They are just off New Road off Moorbridge Lane inside the Industrial Estate. 

This litter has not been removed despite several requests, the Hedges have recently been cut but the litter ignored. This is just off Copeland Avenue, Stapleford in a bit of land near 12-14. 

The same bit of land at the side of 12-14 Copeland Avenue, Stapleford and a broken Gate is just inside the area. Hopefully this can be removed asap. 

The Hedge along Copeland Avenue and the junction of Saville Close has now been cut back so thanks to Broxtowe Borough Council for that. 

The above is at the end of Harrison Road, the Hedges need to be cut back and there is even a Lamppost hidden among the overgrown Hedgerow. 

Saville Close, Stapleford and the overgrown which is hiding the sign needs a trim. 

The above two pictures are the edge of the Peatfield Road Allotments which are managed by Stapleford Town Council, they have been reported before but sad to say nothing has been done.  They are along Harrison Road. 

Harrison Road, Stapleford yet again. More Weeds that have been forgotten about. 

The Hedgerow above runs at the top of the Albany Allotments, this is off Braddon Avenue, the responsibility is that of Stapleford Town Council who seem to have neglected to cut this Hedgerow. 

Furlong Close, Stapleford. This area doesn’t look like it’s being looked after and is in need of a general tidy up. 

The Lamppost above is the one hidden in the Hedges at the end of Harrison Road, Stapleford. Lamppost number 9. Hopefully once the Hedges are cut back this can also be fixed. 

Another view of the uncut Hedgerow along Braddon Avenue, if it was cut back and made tidy by Stapleford Town Council then the residents of Braddon Avenue could enjoy looking across the great views they would have. 

Furlong Close, Stapleford again. Just needs to be cut and cleared away. 

Above is more of the Peatfield Road Allotments just off Harrison Road, the Stapleford Town Clerk recently said she would visit this area to see what needs doing. Sad to see nothing had been done as yet. 

This Manhole has been reported to Severn Trent sho said they would repair it asap. It’s just off Copeland Avenue, Stapleford again near 12-14.

Saville Close, Stapleford a few Potholes that need to be repaired. 

The damaged Road Sign for New Road, needs to be replaced, not having clear Road Signs delays the emergency services reaching people in need. And when every second counts this needs to be sorted. 

Could it be third time lucky with the Hedges at the back of 12-14 Copeland Avenue, Stapleford. 

The newly built Bungalows on Peatfield Road have 3 planted areas around them, they are all in a similar state and Broxtowe Borough Council promised to sort these areas out, unfortunately nothing has been done yet. 

Harrison Road, Stapleford and more Weeds. 

Another view of the Hedgerow along Braddon Avenue, lots of residents today complained about the state of this Hedgerow that Stapleford Town Council are supposed to maintain. 

Not sure who this Van belongs to but it doesn’t seem to have moved in a few months. The Drivers Window is open and residnets say it’s a blight on Peatfield Road, Stapleford.

Another one of the planted areas on Peatfield Road, Stapleford. 

Bin Block at Matthews Court, Stapleford. Reported to Broxtowe Borough Council on a recent Estate Inspection but sadly still a mess. 

Top of The Mount at the side of the Flats, lots of rubbish dumped in the area too. 

Harrison Road, Stapleford once again. More Weeds. 

The Pavement near the Flats on Saville Close, Stapleford are very uneven. They need to be sorted before someone trips. 

Dalley Close, Stapleford more Weeds that need sorting. 

Entrance to Peatfield Road Allotments off Harrison Road, Stapleford more Weeds along the Boarder. 

The Steps between Whiteley Close and Nottingham Road still not repaired and still dangerous, maybe now they have been reported three times someone will fix them, it’s a busy route used as a School run too. 

Back of the land at 12-14 Copeland Avenue,  Stapleford and the rubbish is still there.  

Dalley Close, Stapleford and a few Potholes that need repairing. 

The Alleyway between Harrison Road and Furlong Close, Stapleford Weeds and an overgrown Hedge. 

The overgrown Hedge is on Dalley Close and reported by local residents. 

The Garage Doors around Stapleford are a disgrace and a big complaint by a lot of residents. Earlier this year the rental charge was increased and people are not happy about the state of the Garages. 

It took that long to get around Stapleford today after speaking to so many people about various issues that Maggie and Richard will be back out tomorrow inspecting other parts of Stapleford. 

Once they finish the Stapleford Inspection off in the morning the two of them are off to meet with a representative of The Queen at a meeting in Nottingham. 

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