Which Outdoor Exercise Items should be installed on the Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground?

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Back in August Stapleford Community Group were awarded £10,000 from the Awards For All Big Lottery Fund.

This money is to be spent on Outdoor Exercise Items to be installed on the Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground.

As well as adding a Tyre Park to the play area we are also having 3 or 4 items of  Exercise Equipment installed, please find below a list of the items available.

Have a look and let us know in the comments or email staplefordcommunitygroup@gmail.com with your choice of items to help us decide which ones to order.

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Double Health Walker**

A piece of equipment that encourages healthy social interaction.  It provides excellent cardiovascular exercise while developing the leg muscles and can be used by one or two people at once. Allows a full range of movement in the hip joint improving flexibility and strength, without any impact or stress to joints and back.


Double Slalom Skier**

Mimics the slalom skier action of right to left leg movements which is good for both balance and cardiovascular exercise, strengthening the lower abdomen, hips and thighs.


Horse Rider**

What could be more fun than pretending to ride a horse in the park or playground? A great all-rounder that works arms, abdomen, waist and legs to provide a good cardiovascular workout.


Tai Chi Discs**

Designed to promote flexibility and co-ordination in wrists, arms and shoulders, as well as improving circulation.  Provides an excellent warm-up and physiotherapy routine.


Sky Stepper**

Mimicking the motion of the ever popular cross trainers found in health clubs, the Sky Stepper helps to develop balance whilst providing an excellent cardiovascular warm up for the whole body.

Childrens Double Strength Challenger

Double Strength Challenger**

A fun way to build up arm and shoulder muscle groups by challenging another person to a friendly competition or used singularly to gently stretch arms and shoulders.


Waist Twister**

A great starting point to gently warm up, promotes greater balance and flexibility.


Balance Beams**

Children always love these and they help to build coordination and balance.



The rowing action is known to be one of the best forms of exercise, targeting arms, upper body and abdominal muscle groups.  Offers cardiovascular and toning benefit

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Arm and Pedal Bicycle**

A cycling and upper arm exercise rolled into one. A fantastic piece of equipment for building core strength.  Co-ordination between leg and arm movement improves strength and tone of limbs building core stability and balance.


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  1. Eddie M 9 months Reply

    My votes are for the Rower, waist Twitter, sky stepper and arm and peddle bicycle. Thanks

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