Stapleford Co-Operative Store To Close. 

10th October 2016 staplefordcommunitygroup Latest News, Local Businesses Tags: , 5 Comments

The Stapleford Co-operative Store on Derby Road is set to close in the coming weeks. 

You may have already heard the rumours going around but we can confirm this is not just a rumour and the Store is set to close in the coming weeks.

We will of course update you once we have further information that we able to share. 

With the Super Store set to close we can only hope that the Aldi Store gets built and open asap. 


  1. Jo Dunn 9 months Reply

    Given that Lidl in Sandiacre is closed until February and Aldi is not yet even built I think this is a bit of a crisis situation. Stapleford does not have another “supermarket” and for those who do regular shopping here, particualrly the elderly, this is going to make life very difficult.
    It is also a major issue for the town in general – once people change their habits and go further afield it is harder to win them back. Even before then, if more people leave the town to do grocery shopping there will be less footfall in the centre of the town which is bound to adversely affect the other businesses. It is also a large property at the very hub of the town and it standing empty will be very negative.
    What have the “Town Team” and local councillors been doing regarding the situation – surely some talks with the Co-op about the timing of this would have been a good idea?

  2. Annie S 9 months Reply

    Is this true? If so why?

  3. Rebecca Robinson 9 months Reply

    This isn’t going to be a aldi! And whoever put this on social media shouldn’t of as all the staff haven’t even been told yet! I’m in the right mind to report whoever has put this up!!

    • staplefordcommunitygroup 9 months Reply

      This was confirmed to us by The Coop, we was made aware beforehand but didn’t post the article until it was officially confirmed.

  4. Ann R 9 months Reply

    How sad to hear that the staff are losing their jobs. This store has been here for decades.

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