Message from the Broxtowe Borough Council: Co-Op, Derby Road

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“Broxtowe Borough Council is sorry to hear that the Co-Operative Food Store at Derby Road, Stapleford is due to close its doors on Saturday 19th November 2016.

The closure of a large retail store, in a prominent area of Stapleford’s high street is difficult news for the Town Centre and raises concerns about the loss of jobs in the town and around the vitality of Stapleford during the time the property could potentially be empty.
Although the Council is not in a position to directly influence the Co-op on its decision on how to deal with its site once vacated, it will continue to support Stapleford Town Centre and welcomes any news on a continued use for the site as soon as possible.
The Council understands the decision to close the store was part of the Co-Op’s national property review programme and its potentially commercially sensitive nature may have been the reason the Council was not informed beforehand.” Councillor Tony Harper, Chair of the Jobs and Economy Committee.


  1. Celia Jones 8 months Reply

    We understand that Poundstretcher are going into the vacated premises just what we don’t need. We have no supermarket no fresh friut and veg shop, somebody needs to poke a wasps nest and get us a supermarket there is a real need. We are all feeling very abandoned, Beeston gets everything we lose everything. So near the tram no link to it, everything here relies of going out of our own town by car. Who in their right mind wants to live here.

  2. Ann R 8 months Reply

    We really don’t need a Poundstretcher when we already have Bargain Buys and a Pound Shop. I agree it would be much better to have another supermarket in the vacated building.

  3. Jo dunn 8 months Reply

    As I have commented elsewhere it would seem much more sensible for Aldi to give up its building plans and re–invent the co-op building , thus putting a supermarket at the heart of the town,not out on its edge and releasing more land for much needed housing instead of wasting a chunk of it on a car park .

  4. ANN R Parker 8 months Reply

    All these comments are sensible. Pity those in power don’t make them too

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