PETITION Against The Post Office Going Into Bargain Booze

20th October 2016 staplefordcommunitygroup Local Businesses, Stapleford Community Group Tags: , , 4 Comments

Stapleford Community Group have set up the Petition against the Post Office being set up inside Bargain Booze, you can sign online here:

The Post Office have started a Public Consultation on proposals to move the Stapleford Post Office into a local beer off, Bargain Booze on Derby Road, Stapleford.

Whilst the location is more central to the High Street the choice of venue is very questionable.

There are more suitable locations.

Whilst we urge people to sign this petition we strongly urge people to also take part in the public consultation which can be done via the details below

You can share your views on the proposed move through our easy and convenient new online questionnaire via the link below.

When entering the site you will be asked to enter the code for this branch: 327227

You can also have their say by or calling the customer helpline on03457 22 33 44




  1. Claire Brady 8 months Reply

    We have one post office an plenty of booze buying joints as well as more than enough pubs for our town why do we need another!?

  2. Ann R 8 months Reply

    To Claire Brady – the proposal is that a Post Office counter WITHIN the existing Bargain Booze shop will REPLACE the existing Post Office on Church Street. So there’ll still only be one P.O. and one Off Licence, no extra ones. 😁

    • Claire B 8 months Reply

      So why doesn’t the shop merge with post office less empty shops in that area and the booze shop doesn’t have to rehaul to fit the post office on as its tiny

  3. Heather Domleo 8 months Reply

    One of my concerns is that the shop is not big enough to provide wheelchair access. I’m a bit out of date on my disability training so this may be wrong but I thought that current premises providing a service ( ie the current post office) had to make reasonable adjustments ( if possible) to allow access but that new premises had to ensure access. I think, but again am not sure, that also applies to a current business adding a service. If anyone up to date on disability law can give a definitive answer it would be really helpful.

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