Historic Stapleford Pub Gets Name Change.

7th December 2016 staplefordcommunitygroup Latest News, Local Businesses Tags: , 9 Comments

The Chequers on Nottingham Road , Stapleford is no more.  The new owners decided on a name change and it is now to be known as The Old Rock. 

What do you think? 

The Old Rock Facebook Page.


  1. ANN R Parker 7 months Reply

    Why this name? A pun on the ‘rock’ concerts that might go n there? some historical reference? Or Christian commitment (As in ‘Rock of ages. . .’?

    It will confuse the bus timetables!

    • Ross B 7 months Reply

      May be in some relation to Big Rock, Harley Davidson used to own a building next door named Big Rock which is now the health centre.

  2. Nigel A 7 months Reply

    Doesn’t matter if you change the name, locals will always remember it as The Checquers. Fond memories of this place. When The Pavilion changed its name it was, and still is, referred to as The Pav. Can’t change history for those that lived it 🙂

    • Nigel A 7 months Reply


  3. Ross B 7 months Reply

    Not 100% but think the name may relate to Bobs Rock?

  4. Debbie B 7 months Reply

    Looking at the shape of the rock, it’ll be to do with the Hemlock Stone, I should think.

  5. Jackie Smith 7 months Reply

    I think it is because it is on The Roach more or less with means rock

  6. Michelle A 7 months Reply

    Am I missing sarcasm or is it because Hemlock Stone or Bob’s Rock?

  7. Ann R 7 months Reply

    It’s because it’s at The Roach (French for rock). If you research the history of the Roach all becomes clear.

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