Stop HS2 Trowell

7th January 2017 staplefordcommunitygroup Help & Advice Tags: 2 Comments

People who live and/or work in Trowell are threatened with years of horrendous disruption and noise if the construction works proceed, including severe traffic congestion, threat to health through pollution, plus devaluation and possible loss of properties.

Stop HS2 Trowell would like the HS2 project to be stopped by the government.
The existing rail network could be improved and upgraded at a greatly reduced cost.
That reduction in costs could then be used to benefit more worthy causes, such as healthcare, security services or new housing that everyone would benefit from, unlike HS2.

Like any resident would be, we are deeply concerned about the health and environmental effects this project would have, not only on us, but on our children and future generations.

Stop HS2 Trowell would like the powers that be to see sense and stop it now.


  1. ANN R Parker 6 months Reply

    I sympathizea nd agree with all this but isn’t it a bit late now We should have been campaigning at least 3 years ago. There was a similar reation to the tram through Beeston, but very few of us protested until they were about to lay the tracks. By ten it was like saying you’ve changed your mind as you launch into space

  2. Daniel Walker 6 months Reply

    6 Haynes Avenue

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