Brookhill Street – Speeding issues.

13th January 2017 staplefordcommunitygroup Councillor Richard MacRae, Latest News, Nottingham County Council Tags: , , 2 Comments

Following the Public Meeting organised by Councillor Richard MacRae last year lots of issues were raised with regards Brookhill Street by residents of the area. 

One of the main concerns was the speed that Vehicles travel along Brookhill Street. 

These concerns were taken away by an Officer from Nottinghamshire County Council. 

Please find below a reply from the Nottinghamshire County Council Highways Department with regards some of the raised concerns and also a reply to a recent email sent to the Highways Department by Councillor Richard MacRae. 

‘The Highways Authority is aware of local concerns in relation to the speed of traffic using this road. More recently we undertook a speed survey over 7 days; it was found that the average speed of vehicles using the road was 27.9mph, within the speed limit. Having said this, following a public meeting, local residents are in the process of setting up a community speed watch scheme in conjunction with Nottinghamshire Police, the Highways Authority have put up ‘Its 30 for a reason’ signage  along the length of the road to remind drivers of the speed limit and we will shortly be consulting on making Brookhill Street a 20mph zone.

This is good news for the residents of Brookhill Street and the surrounding area and as soon as the Consultation is active we will of course let you know. 


  1. Andrew Thompson 5 months Reply

    There is an issue with speeding on Broomhill Street and due to the amount of parked cars they also use new Eaton Road as a cut through speeding upto 50 mph at times and we have 2 schools in the area. I believe the only way in reducing speed and eliminating the risk of any future accidents is to introduce speed humps. Let’s ignore the costs as safety should be the councils priority.

  2. Steve Livesley 5 months Reply

    AVERAGE SPEED!!! You need to remind council that if average speed is about 30mph then that means that for every car doing 10mph there is another doing 50mph which is the one that will kill someone.

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