Reminder That There’s No Such Thing As The Dog Poo Fairy

19th January 2017 staplefordcommunitygroup Broxtowe Borough Council, Help & Advice Tags: , 1 Comment

Dog fouling is a major concern to members of the public, this subject was again raised at the Stapleford CAT Meeting earlier this evening.

There also appears to be a bigger problem that has arisen in that increasing amounts of bagged dog faeces are being left behind as people fail to dispose of their bags after cleaning up after their pets.

Ilkeston Road and also the Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground, Ryecroft Street, Wadsworth Road, Blake Road are all regular grot spots. As well as Halls Road, Church Street and Edward Street through to Frederick Road.

Several other areas of Stapleford are particularly bad and the advice of the Neighbourhood Wardens at Broxtowe Borough Council is to report anyone you see who does not clean up after the Dog.

If you know who is guilty or a time this seems to be happening please call 0115 9177777 and ask for the Neighbourhood Wardens.

They can only do something if they can catch the offenders. So please help them.

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  1. Ann R 5 months Reply

    I live on the estate where Frederick/Edward Street is. I am sick of dog walkers who either toss bagged dog mess into my front garden, entryway, or even place it in my RECYCLING bin if that’s been left out after being emptied.
    There’s no need for it, it’s plain rude. I’ve never caught people doing it, sadly. I would like to ask them why.

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