Action Finally Being Taken Outside The Albany Allotments On Pasture Road 

25th January 2017 staplefordcommunitygroup Councillor Richard MacRae, Latest News, Nottingham County Council Tags: , , , 0 Comments

You may have noticed yellow road markings outside the Albany Allotments on Pasture Road. This is where a new ‘H Bar’ is to be installed. 

This is going to be funded by our two County Councillors using the Division Fund that they receive.    

Councillor Richard MacRae is currently talking to them and the Highways Department via emails to request it is extended at least to the edge of the Grass in front of the Allotments as the current marked out area is not good enough to make a difference at all. 

This will make it much safer for people leaving the Albany Allotments who currently have to pull out into the road as the view is blocked by vehicles parking to close to the front of the Allotment site. 

Following a meeting organised by Councillor Richard MacRae with residents and businesses as well as our local PCSO and County Councillor Stan Heptinstall the County Council Highways Department replied that no action on Pasture Road would be taken due to costings. 

You can read the response from Nottinghamshire County Council by clicking here

But following the response both County Councillor Stan Heptinstall and Town and Borough Councillor Richard MacRae asked the Highways Department to look at the issues outside the Allotments Site. 

This is of course great news and we would like to thank our County Councillors for using the Division Fund to fund these much needed road markings. 

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