How To Contact 999 By SMS Text Message 

28th January 2017 staplefordcommunitygroup Help & Advice, Police Alerts, Update & Messages. Tags: 0 Comments

The text 999 service has reached over 200,000 registered users across the country. 

The emergency text messaging service allows deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people in the UK to send a text message to the 999 service, where it will be passed to the relevant emergency service.

Inspector Annie Yates who leads the Police Link Officer for Deaf people (PLOD) scheme for Nottinghamshire Police said: “It is vital that contacting Nottinghamshire Police using the 999 service is fully accessible to the Deaf community across Nottinghamshire. 

“Our emergency SMS video explains what you need to do to register and I would encourage anyone who hasn’t already registered to do so.”


How it works:

By simply sending a text message to 999, you can ask for help and the emergency services will be able to reply to you.

Your message will be passed to the 999 advisor,  and their reply will be sent back to you as a text message. You can carry on sending text messages and receiving responses until the issue is resolved.

How to register:

You MUST register your mobile phone before using the emergency SMS service.

Step 1:

Text ‘register’ to 999

Step 2:

You will receive a reply explaining the service. Please read through this.

Step 3:

Text back ‘Yes’

Step 4:

You will receive a text confirming your registration for the service.

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