Councillor Martin Plackett says ‘Positives for Bramcote’

24th February 2017 staplefordcommunitygroup Broxtowe Borough Council Tags: 1 Comment

Broxtowe Borough Council Jobs and Economy Committee at its meeting last night voted unanimously to include in the Part 2 Local Plan the following areas in Bramcote to become protected LOCAL GREEN SPACE giving the same protection as GREENBELT. 

  • Bramcote Hills
  • Bramcote Ridge
  • Burnt Hill Bramcote
  • Land east and west of Coventry Lane at Bramcote and Stapleford

This decision fully protects both the whole of our beautiful Bramcote  Park and the Moor Lane playing fields/running track.

In addition if the appeal to allow building on the old Golf Course is rejected, that land too will be given the same Local Green Space protection.   The Council in their submission to the Inspector hearing the appeal has indicated their intention to offer this protection if the appeal is turned down.

Further areas of Local Green Space may be designated through the forthcoming NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN.

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  1. Carol O 4 months Reply

    Green belt didn’t protect Fields Farm, the Inspector has just over ruled Broxtowe Council – 118 houses are now being built…..

    The residents of Stapleford wanted this beautiful land protecting too.

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