Did You Witness These Trees Being Vandalised In Stapleford 

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These Trees along Queen Elizabeth Recreation Ground in Stapleford were vandalised yesterday. Did you witness it? 

Broxtowe Borough Council did not give permission for them to be cut down. 

If you saw this happening yesterday or took any pictures then please send them to richard.macrae@broxtowe.gov.uk 

Councillor Richard MacRae has been at the Queen Elizabeth Recreation Ground this morning and was absolutely disgusted with this vandalism. The Stapleford Councillor has also reported this to the Police as it is a Criminal Offence to do this. 

The Trees which have been cut down also have Bird Nests in them and the Birds are flying around making a lot of noise as the Nests they have made have been destroyed. 

Again anyone who witnessed this act of vandalism taking place please email richard.macrae@broxtowe.gov.uk

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  1. Jennie H 3 months Reply

    Hello Richard
    I walk my dogs on Queen Elizabeth Rec every morning!
    The resident on Brookhill Street started destroying the hedge around this time last year when he took some of it down to ground level and erected the wire fencing.

    I witnessed him out on a ladder with a chainsaw Monday 4th April 2017. I think he started the destruction again on Friday 31st March!

    It is one thing to trim a hedge down to stop shade being cast onto your greenhouse, but completely unnecessary to chop it down to ground level. It looks awful now! I also noticed last year that the resident had to put up more barbed wire to deter thieves as he had destroyed the hedge which was a natural deterrent?

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