Yodel Drivers Are Putting Local Residents Lives At Risk Again.  

16th April 2017 staplefordcommunitygroup Councillor Richard MacRae, Nottingham County Council, Police Alerts, Update & Messages. Tags: , , 1 Comment

Yodel Drivers parking off Brookhill Street, Stapleford are putting the lives of residents at risk by blocking two Streets in the area. 

Drivers are parking on Portland Cresent and Newton Drive when not using the vans and it’s making it very difficult for drivers to get in and out of the roads. 

There is absolutely no chance of a Fire Engine or an Ambulance getting through if they were required which means local lives are being put at risk.  

Stapleford Councillor Richard MacRae has contacted both the Highways Department at Nottinghamshire County Council and the Police and is awaiting replies from both. 

He has also contacted Yodel who have said they will investigate as this is not the behaviour they expect from drivers.  

When Yodel were contacted in the past the problem did stop for a short while but it’s now worse than ever before. 

Maybe Nottinghamshire County Council could put Double Yellow Lines around the junctions of both of these roads.  

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  1. James P 2 months Reply

    If you think that’s dangerous try looking down Devonshire Drive at weekends it’s impossible for any Emergency 🚨 Service to get down there !

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