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Stapleford Town Council Minutes

17th December 2012 Stapleford Town Council 0 Comments


The Town Clerk has received a complaint regarding the availability of Town Council Minutes and feels it would be beneficial for all if she explained the process.

Minutes of full Town Council and Committee Meetings are written as soon after the date of the Meeting as possible.

As Meetings are held on a Friday night, technically the first available working day would be the following Monday, dependent on other pressures of work.

These minutes cannot be published or made available to the public until they are approved at the next Town Council Meeting.

The Minutes printed with the documents for the next Meeting are in fact still technically in draft form as the Town Council may on occasion make amendments to the minutes presented.

It should be noted that there is no statutory requirement to place minutes on a web site as there is no statutory requirement for a Town/Parish Council to maintain a web site.

However, it is considered good practice to post minutes if a Web Site exists. Every effort is made to keep the Town Council web site up to date.

However, it should be remembered that the Town Clerk and her staff are employed part-time and there is a strict allocation of time to maintain the web site.

This Town Council endeavours to keep the web site interesting, listing events run by the Town Council and bonna fida local organisations.

The intention is to keep the news pages full of relevant information and details of events attended by the Town Mayor, Town Councillors as well as other interesting events in the Town.

This resource is non-political, covering relevant local information.

Stapleford Town Council maintains its own web site through Broxtowe Borough Council, enabling the Town Council Team to write and post up to the minute events.

The staff and Councillors take pride in this resource. All items are fully accessible to brail readers and all content is checked for suitability. As this is a Council facility, firewalls are in place to protect access and content.

Please be aware that all Town Council and Committee Meetings are open to the press and public and the Town Council actively invites you to come along and see what is going on.

As the Leader of the Town Council, Cllr Mrs Jacky Williams says ‘Town Councillors are volunteers; they give up their time to attend Meetings.” Town Councillors also attend events, meetings and functions, representing the Town and actively promoting and supporting activities in the Town.

Please do attend a Town Council Meeting and stay for the whole Meeting not just the item(s) that interests you.

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