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Here’s to a happy and drier New Year!

31st December 2012 MP Anna Soubry 0 Comments


Hello again,  Here’s to a happy and drier New Year!

The torrential rain has caused considerable disruption to local roads and rail travel south of Nottingham. On a happier note Notts. County Council has received an extra £2 million for essential road works over and above their existing budget. This email continues in a similar vein with a mix of good and bad news as well as a couple of requests for your views.

Enjoy the New Year’s Eve celebrations and I will be in touch again next year!

As ever,  Anna

Topics below include A453 / Nottingham Station / Saving Toton’s bus service / Tram Works – High Road Closure / Toton FC / New Year Resolutions – no excuses! and more

A453A453 work to begin  I am delighted that the long awaited (is it now almost thirty years!) work on dualling and improving the A453 begins in January though preliminary work began some months ago. This will be very good news for the south of the constituency and Greater Nottingham.

Work on major improvements to Nottingham Station are also welcome but there is a significant downside which will affect the A453 and Beeston.

Nottingham Station will be closed in the summer (from July 20 to August 26). A number of trains will begin and end their journeys at East Midlands Parkway (on the A453) and at Beeston with a bus service to and from Nottingham Station. Beeston is suffering considerably with the tram works (see below for the latest news) so I am making enquiry of East Midland Trains to ensure their plans will not make the often intolerable delay and congestion in and around Beeston, even worse.

New Year Resolutions – no excuses!   I was given a bike for Christmas so I have no excuses in my determination to up my fitness level. Broxtowe Borough Council is certainly playing its part in trying to get us more active and healthier. They are offering a number of tempting freebies and offers for anyone taking out Vitality Health and Fitness Membership at one of the Borough’s three Leisure Centres at Bramcote, Chilwell and Kimberley. Click here for more details. And if you are of a “certain age” check out Bramcote Today for a report on the Walking Football activity also being offered by the Borough Council. Click on Bramcote Today for full details.

Saving Toton’s bus service   A new bus service begins on January 2nd in the Toton area replacing both the no 17 and the Toton Connect. You will remember there was considerable concern about the loss of these bus routes and as a result I met with Notts County Council and  local County Councillor Richard Jackson.

As a result of an urgent review into bus provision in Toton the Toton Connect Plus, will run from 2nd January 2012, with an hourly service between Beeston and Stapleford, also covering parts of Attenborough, Toton and the Derby Road end of Stapleford.

This really is excellent news, and my thanks to both local County Councillors, Richard Jackson and John Doddy.

You can find out more information about the new service, and view the timetable by visiting my website or just click here

Tram Work News and Updates Chilwell and High Road closures but it’s business as usual! High Road

Well that is the aim! I have met with NET and the constructors and represented the many views of traders and businesses and residents who are profoundly concerned about the planned 12 month closure of this part of Beeston.

The Beeston BID has also met and has come up with a variety of solutions and are also working with NET and the constructors. Please check out my web site for the latest updates on the tramworks

Different businesses have different needs with some relying almost exclusively on passing shoppers and motorists. whilst others particularly need first class car parking for customers (for example the pharmacies and the hair dressers). Most traders are concerned about deliveries and we are all concerned about general access.

Most importantly there needs to be full consultation and first rate communication – NET needs to restore trust with everyone. I will be informing traders and businesses of my discussions after the New Year break.

Wilkinson’s    As regular readers will know, I have been in contact with both the Wilkinson StoreBorough Council and Wilkinson’s for about a year now in an effort to keep the store in Beeston which was closed to make way for the tram. I am somewhat “disappointed” that Wilkinson’s have not taken up my offer of a meeting; they do “promise to consider/discuss any options which are presented to us which might offer the possibility of opening again in Beeston.”

My fear is that refusing to meet the local MP indicates Wilkinson’s real intent towards re-opening in Beeston; this Notts based businesses which prides itself on putting customers and staff first, has thus far, let down all of us.

£250K for parks and green spaces in Inham Nook and Chilwell – have your say on how it’s spent!

Broxtowe Borough Council have £260,000 of NET money to spend on improving parks and green spaces in those parts of Chilwell affected by the Tram. This is a lot of money and residents are being urged to complete the online questionnaire by 11th January, which you can access by clicking here. The only down side to the questionnaire is that it doesn’t allow residents to come up with their own ideas. If you want to add your own thoughts then please send them to me after you have completed the online survey and I will make sure Broxtowe receive them and take them into consideration. Please email me on

Toton United FC  – Toton United Football Club has been in touch asking for help in gaining funding to grow the club and to form a Youth Club. As a result I am confident there will some funds coming their way from the County Council and I have been able to point them to other “pots” of money. You can find out more about Toton United FC on their website here and if you would like to help them with the team or want to help form a Youth Club please contact them or drop me an email.

Bramcote and Stapleford Neighbourhood Watch  The police are aiming for every road and street in Bramcote and Stapleford to be part of a Neighbourhood Watch. So if you would like to get involved or want to check if you are part of a Neighbourhood Watch that might need “re-activating”, then please contact, PCSO Chris Archer, 855 5761 ext.101, 0770 214 1766 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            0770 214 1766     end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email at

Surgery details in 2013   I hold regular surgeries on Saturday mornings throughout the constituency as well as seeing constituents in the constituency office in Chilwell on Thursdays and Fridays. If you would like an appointment then please call the office on 0115 943 6507 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            0115 943 6507     end_of_the_skype_highlighting

I will also be holding “drop in” surgeries like the ones I have already held at Tesco’s in Toton and Sainsbury’s in Kimberley. My first surgery of 2013 is on January 5th.

From Parliament: Consultation on Cheap Alcohol/ Fuel Duty

The Cost of Alcohol Abuse – Have Your Say

The cost of alcohol misuse in England is estimated to be almost £ 22 billion per year. The NHS calculates a cost of £3.5 billion, alcohol related crime is put at £11 billion and lost productivity is reckoned to be about £7.3 billion. In health terms deaths from liver disease have risen considerably whilst deaths from other diseases have fallen.

The Home Office are currently running a consultation on legislating for a minimum price per unit of alcohol known as MUP. It is thought that this will help see off cheap drink, much of which is sold in supermarkets and which many people believe has led to the rise in drunkenness and binge drinking. The Scottish Government is set to introduce a similar scheme but face a legal challenge from the EU.

The proposal in England is for a minimum price of 45p per unit; this would put the minimum price for a bottle of white wine at around £4.04 and £4.44 for a bottle of red wine. However, the biggest affect would be on cheap beer sold in supermarkets which would rise in price with the result that consumption would drop.

MUP is supported by a diverse group of people and organisations including CAMRA (the real ale campaign group) who have long complained that cheap beer sold in supermarkets is one of the reasons for the decline in good pubs. Organisations representing medical professionals also strongly support MUP and indeed my own views changed on the subject after I met with a group of liver doctors. They left me in no doubt MUP would reduce the abundance of cheap alcohol which has led to our record levels of liver disease.

Given both the human and economic cost that irresponsible drinking causes I believe the Government is right to take action to tackle the problem. Admittedly, my natural instinct is sharply inclined against too much Government interference and what we often call “nannying”, but I have been persuaded on MUP.

So what do you think? I think it is important people have their say so please let me know on or please take part in the Home Office consultation which can be found here. The Home Office web site has a good collection of evidence and assessments on MUP which all make for good background reading.

Fuel Duty and the Autumn Statement

I was pleased to hear the announcement in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement that the 2p Fuel Duty rise, which was scheduled to take place in January, has been scrapped entirely. Thank you to everyone who has emailed me on this important matter over the last two years.

This now means that fuel, which is currently 10p cheaper than it would have been under the plans laid out by the last Government, will remain more affordable for families and businesses in these tough times. You can read the Autumn Statement in full here

and finally…….

Congratulations to soldiers from the 64 Works Group Engineers, based at Chetwynd Barracks, who were honoured at a special awards ceremony at the Council House with the Operation Herrick Campaign Medal, after completing a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

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