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From Nottingham to London in less than hour

26th January 2013 Nottingham Evening Post Tags: , , , , , 0 Comments

2127615236_59985e317d_zTHE Government is set to confirm a station will be built at Toton Sidings as part of new 250mph high-speed rail network – and the new route will also go under East Midlands Airport.

Passengers will be able to hop on one of three trains an hour to London and step out on to the platform at St Pancras just 51 minutes later.

The northbound service from Toton to Leeds would take 29 minutes – and Birmingham would be only 26 minutes away.

The short journey times are expected to transform the way Nottingham does businesswith other cities and bring up to £3.8 billion of economic benefit to the region.

Prime Minister David Cameron was due to meet leaders of the Core Cities – the nation’s eight largest cities, including Nottingham – in Leeds on Monday to discuss details of the £30 billion plans. But details of the scheme were inadvertently leaked yesterday.

The first phase of the “Y-shaped” network – known as High Speed 2 – will be built between London and Birmingham. The second phase will split at Birmingham, with one line heading to Manchester and the other to Leeds, via Toton.

The Department for Transport is expected to announce substantial investment linking Toton station to Nottingham.

The railway line will be the first major line to be built north of London since 1899.

Currently, Toton Sidings is used only by freight trains.

The new high-speed trains will be faster than the French TGV trains, which run at 220mph.

It is understood the Government had considered an alternative proposal to Toton, with a station being built in Derby instead.

But it was eventually decided to locate it nearer to Nottingham, considered by the Government to be one of the country’s most important economical centres.

No more details have yet been revealed about how the new route will go under East Midlands Airport.

Further details will be posted on Monday.

By Jon Robinson
Nottingham Evening Post.


  1. HS2 for Toton, great news and will create a lot of local jobs.

    What does it mean for development though?
    Will the Toton development now get the go ahead?
    Will the Tram get an extension?
    Will it Save Field Farm?
    Or will it just mean both Toton and Field Farm developments go ahead?

    What are your thoughts?

  2. Personally I think if the HS2 goes ahead I feel the Fields Farm will as I think it will generate more people to live here as its cheaper to commute than live in London.
    Austen blakemore

  3. N. Morelle (on behalf of STRAG) 9 years Reply

    In any case STRAG does hope that the Borough Council will not grant outline planning application for either site (Toton or Field Farm) before the Core Strategy is modified according to the HS2 plans. Indeed the right thing to do would be to wait out the Public Examination on the Core Strategy in a few months’ time. This is where the conclusion on the presence of exceptional circumstances justifying the release of any green belt land shall be reached. It would be shocking if the developers’ expectations on application processing time could override this.

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