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HS2 and Nuthall/Toton Green Belt Consultation opens/ Care home fees/ Wyndham and Peatfield Court future/ bees and much more

15th February 2013 MP Anna Soubry, Updates from Politicians Tags: , 0 Comments

picture-22737Hello again,
I have a rather mixed bag of news and views this week. This afternoon Broxtowe Borough Council confirmed there is to be a six week consultation starting on Monday, in relation to the Green Belt site at Toton. This follows the Government’s plans for an HS2 East Midlands hub and station at Toton Sidings. The Field Farm consultation has also re-opened – details below.
I also have some news on a variety of other subjects from bees and poisonous insecticides to plans to demolish and redevelop homes in Stapleford and Chilwell. As ever there is some trams news and shared anger at yet further delays this morning in the Beeston area. I hope it is all going to be worth it.
Finally, I am having a short break next week but will make sure details of the consultation are sent out.
As ever,

Nuthall Green Belt and HS2
There was a huge turnout on Saturday at a public meeting called by Nuthall Parish Council to discuss the various threats to the areas Green Belt land.

There are plans to build 700 houses on Woodhouse Way which have yet to go to Broxtowe Borough Council. HS2 will come through the area; the plans are in their infancy as work on the line to Leeds will not be completed until at least 2037.
However, those home owners on or near the route will suffer as a result.

Broxtowe Borough Council is set to consider plans for an Oxylane “sports “ village on Green Belt land adding further congestion to an already hugely overstretched road system.
I have posted full details of the Oxylane application on my web site and the campaign against the proposal is being led by County Councillor Philip Owen.
Ironically, HS2 could well save the land at Woodhouse Way from housing development.
I confess I find the prospect of yet another bridge over Nuthall to carry HS2 next to the motorway particularly concerning.
What I will do is write to both Patrick McLoughlin (Transport) and Eric Pickles (Communities and Local Government) about both the huge benefits HS2 will bring to Broxtowe and the very real concerns of many constituents especially at Toton (see below).
In the meantime Nuthall’s Borough, County and Parish Councillors continue to work together. We will be providing more details of all developments to constituents throughout the area in the next few weeks. I will put my letter to both Secretaries of State on my web site and let you know of their replies.
Toton Sidings – a new consultation starts on Monday
I met with Toton’s campaign group TEPS before Saturday’s meeting in Nuthall. I think the following is a fair summary of a very positive get together; we all welcome the real opportunities the East Midlands hub and station at Toton Sidings, will bring to all the area (and that includes Stapleford).
We are of course aware of the long period of time before HS2 comes our way and we are anxious that Broxtowe Borough Council does not rush into anything.  We all of us remain opposed to housing development on Toton’s Green Belt land. We all want to see those most valued areas of Green Belt to remain and we all reckon there is enough room to accommodate a station, a hub and to make substantial improvement to the transport infrastructure, including extending or linking to the tram terminus, without losing large parts of the Green Belt. We also very much welcome the opportunity the plans bring for jobs.
There is now a six week consultation period on Toton’s Green Belt starting on Monday.  I have no more details at this stage but am promised a “pack” on Monday!
I will of course send out more details next week when I have them.

Field Farm consultation also re opens (and closes on Feb 27)
Stapleford doesn’t have the benefit of a six week re-consultation; we only have until February 27th to make further objections to the application to build 450 houses on Field Farm, a Green belt site. Please contact STRAG for full details by email strag@live, or via the web site Objections need to go to Broxtowe Borough Council (planning reference 11/00758/OUT). It would be totally wrong for the Council to give permission before the Core Strategy has gone to the Inspector and the top down housing targets have been abolished. Again this matter should not be rushed through.

Tram works – latest

The delays in and around Beeston were made even worse this morning with bad coning on University Boulevard and there was also at least one accident on nearby roads. I’ve posted the latest leaflets on my web site – scroll down to the end of the web page.

Maggies Magic
This wonderful place is run by a charity offering support and advice to cancer patients, families and survivors at the City Hospital.
I spent a great couple of hours with staff and volunteers learning about their special, magical work. Check out  Maggies on their web site by clicking here and if you can help with volunteering or fundraising please contact them.

Bramcote Today winners
Congratulations to everyone from  Bramcote Park School who took part in the Bramcote Today leaflet  competition . The winner was Ciara Elston and she and the other entrants  will help design a leaflet to be included by local estate agents Bairstow Eaves  in their information to people looking to move to Bramcote.  For the full story please visit the Bramcote Today web site

A shock award!
I was somewhat surprised but nevertheless delighted to be awarded the Asian Voice “Junior Minister of the Year” presented by the former Speaker Baroness (Betty) Boothroyd. I think it is fair to say I received the award because of my work on Diabetes a growing problem especially amongst people from South Asia.

Dates for your diary and surgery details
Saturday 16th February:
Drop In Surgery Tesco Toton
From 10am til 12pm at Tesco’s in Toton. No appointment needed just come along..
Saturday 23rd February:
Fairtrade Fortnight in Beeston
The Fairtrade Fortnight begins with a stall outside Sainsbury’s in Beeston and runs from Monday 26 February to Sunday 10 March. Full details are on
Saturday March 2nd:
Drop in Surgery Beeston
From 10 am til 12pm
Saturday March 2nd:
Check out your Diabetes risk!
Diabetes Silver Star bus outside Sainsbury’s, Beeston from 10 am until 5.00pm
Saturday March 2nd:
Beeston Guides “Night at the Races”

At Christ Church Hall, Lime Grove Avenue, Chilwell from 7.30
£6 ticket on the door or email Pete Treagus on Includes a light supper (there is also a bar). All funds to Beeston Guides, Brownies and Rainbows.
Big screen racing with cash prizes!
From Parliament
Care Costs / Same Sex Marriage/ Metal Theft action/ Bees
A fairer system of paying for care
This week has seen the announcement that we are at last, taking action to stop the dreadful situation whereby people are forced to sell their homes to pay for their care.
The  plans will mean no one will have to pay more than £75,000 in care costs and people with assets (usually a  home) of  £123,000 or less will not have to pay any of their care costs; the current cap is £23,000.
The plans will not come into force until 2017, which I know is some time away, but for decades now Government’s of all persuasions have failed to address the problem and I am very pleased we have taken the first real steps to securing a better and fairer system.

Same sex Marriage
Thank you to everyone who contacted me after I voted in favour of same sex/equal marriage even though many disagreed with me. My thanks also to a number of constituents who came to see me in surgery on the issue. I fully appreciate that this is a highly contentious subject for many constituents and I of course respect all views. I will hold a public meeting before the final reading of the Bill – full details to follow and I hope as many people as possible attend.

Metal Theft action on scrap metal dealers
Congratulations to former Nottingham MP, Richard Ottoway on his Scrap Metal Dealers Bill which is set to become law. It is a whole-scale reform of the £5.6bn scrap metal industry, which is the principal outlet for stolen metal.
A number of our churches have seen their lead stripped and sold illegally.
Richard’s Bill will implement a rigorous licensing scheme that ensures every sale of scrap metal is accounted for, and that all people trading in scrap are doing so legitimately. The key features include punitive, unlimited fines for the most serious breaches of the Act, cashless trading for all scrap metal dealers including mobile collectors, to ensure maximum transparency, and the power for police to close rogue traders.


My thanks to everyone who has contacted me regarding bees and the effect  pesticides appear to be having on their population numbers.  I have been assured that the Government is assessing the wider environmental and agronomic implications of restrictions on pesticides, and will report on the issue shortly. In the meantime I have written to the minister, Richard Benyon MP, to make him aware of  constituents concerns, and will report back when I receive a reply.

Bits and pieces
Wyndham Court and Peatfield Court

Broxtowe Borough Council has announced plans to redevelop Wyndham Court, Chilwell and Peatfield Court in Stapleford because they are no longer “fit for purpose”.   The Council will build alternative accommodation and assure me they will take steps to minimise the disruption to residents, most of whom will have to move. This is going to be a difficult time for many.
I will visit both Peatfield and Wyndham Court in the coming weeks to meet those affected by the proposals however if you  know any residents who wish to raise their concerns personally please ask them to contact me.
Chalfont Drive Driving Test Centre move
The Chalfont Drive test centre will close on 1st March  with a view to moving to a new long-term site at Technology Drive, Beeston later this year.
I have been assured that the DSA is taking all necessary steps to minimise disruption during the changeover and any tests that have already been booked for this month will  take place at Chalfont Drive.  After February there will be a short period when testing will be split between two temporary sites (the DVLA offices off Woodhouse Way and the LGV Driving Test Centre in Watnall) before moving to their new offices in May.

and finally…
I am sorry to learn of the death of former Councillor John Bell from Stapleford. John served his community well for many years and my thoughts are with his family and friends.

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