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Are you eligible for a free NHS Health Check?

18th February 2013 Help & Advice Tags: 0 Comments

If you’re aged between 40 and 74 then the answer is yes. 

Get a free health check

Your NHS is offering everyone within this age group a free Health Check which can asses your risk of developing heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and diabetes.

These serious long term conditions some of the most common illnesses that cause people in Mansfield / Nottinghamshire to die early.

You can’t always tell from looking at someone, but we could all be at risk.  A free NHS Health Check takes around 20 minutes and can help spot health risks before they develop  – giving you the chance to make changes to the way you live to avoid them.

Your GP may even be able to help refer you to one of the many services in Nottinghamshire which can support you in achieving your health goals, including to help you:

Lose weight
Become more active
Quit smoking
Cut down on drinking.
Dr. John Tomlinson, Deputy Director of Public Health for Nottinghamshire County said:

“I’d recommend that anyone within that 40-74 age group takes advantage of an NHS Health Check.  The simple principle is that prevention is better than cure.  The diseases that we look for signs of are among the most prevalent and debilitating around, by taking measures to avoid them before they develop we can improve individual’s quality of life massively.”

Find out more:

Contact your GP to arrange your Health Check
If you’ve been sent an invitation – take it up
Find out more from NHS Choices at

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