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Old folk ‘angry’ at plan to shut home

28th February 2013 Nottingham Evening Post 0 Comments

MORE than 250 people have signed a petition against plans to shut a retirement home in Stapleford.

Broxtowe Borough Council announced plans to shut the complex earlier this month as it was not “fit for purpose.”

Peatfield Court will close, along with Wyndham Court in Chilwell, and the sites used for housing.

Residents would be housed at other developments.

Protesters organised a petition signing event outside the TSB in Derby Road, Stapleford.

The petition urges the council to rehouse the residents on the same site and objects to the idea of an “established community” being split up.

Organiser Richard MacRae, of Ilkeston Road, Stapleford, said: “We keep hearing that new houses need to be built so our younger generations have somewhere to live, but what about our older generations?

“We are told that people are living longer. So we need to look after them too.

“Surely we should be building residential houses for older people to live in.

“To move people away from their families and friends is just so wrong. If you talk to the residents of Peatfield Court you will hear how upset they are, how angry they are at the way they are being treated and this is why we organised this event today, to show them that we do care.”

Joanne Ashworth, 42, of Harrison Road, Stapleford, is “disgusted” by the plan to shut Peatfield Court. Her 66-year-old mother and 92-year-old grandmother both live there. She said: “They both love living there and they don’t want to be forced to move. I’m utterly disgusted by how the council has gone about this. My grandmother is lying awake at night and not sleeping because she is so worried.”

Joanne’s mother Sheila Newton, 66, has lived in Peatfield Court for teh years.

She said: “I’m happy with where I live and I don’t want to move.

“It is shocking that this is happening with so little consultation with the residents. Some are very old and moving would be a huge ordeal.”

Stapleford Mayor Mandy Hull added: “What gets me is that the residents were not consulted. The building does need doing up but a lot of the residents have not even been given the option to stay. The lack of consultation is the worst bit.”

Broxtowe Borough Council has said the sites are needed for social housing. The same thing is happening at four other sites: Hall Drive, Chilwell; Midland Road/Church Street, Eastwood; Wilson Road/Plumptre Way, Eastwood, and Acorn Way, Giltbrook.

The redevelopment of the site is expected to begin in spring next year.

Council leader Councillor Milan Radulovic said: “We understand that these proposals will have a massive impact on the lives of the residents of both the Peatfield Court and Wyndham Court and that’s why we will be doing all we can to support the tenants during this time.”

By Emily Winsor and Alexander Britton
Nottingham Evening Post

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