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Please see Agenda for tonights Stapleford North CAT meeting

7th March 2013 Broxtowe Borough Council 0 Comments

1.Welcome and Introductions Cllr Iris White

2.Apologies Cllr Iris White

3.Police Notts Police
Crime Statistics
Crime Update

4. Presentation on HS2 Cllr Steve Barber

5.Update on Action Plan Cllr Iris White

6.Residents Issues All

7.Date of Meetings

Yet again there has been NO local advertising of this event, I have been told that the two borough councillors should do this.


  1. I don’t usually comment on posts on here, but I really feel I need to with this one.

    42 residents attended tonight’s CAT meeting, about 90% attended to talk about Peatfield Court.

    The meeting was also attended by Councillors who never attend Stapleford North CAT meetings (anyone would think there is an election coming up). Many people mentioned this to me afterwards.

    One of our Stapleford North councillors wasn’t there and when I mentioned its because he has moved to Somerset the excuses of he was away on family business were given.

    (Stapleford North ward has 6 Stapleford Town Councillors and 2 Broxtowe Borough Councillors to represent us. Out of the 6 Town councillors only 2 live in Stapleford. 1 lives in London after moving from Beeston Rylands last year and 1 lives in Bramcote, 2 more who lived in Bramcote have moved to Somerset, I guess one day someone will tell the truth. 1 of those is also one of the Broxtowe Borough Councillors. So we are not represented at any council as we should be and personally I find this so wrong. If you move you should step down, straight away).

    Back to the CAT meeting, after lots of questions were left unanswered it was agreed after a request from residents of Peatfield Court that a special meeting should be arranged, not after plans are submitted but as soon as possible.

    Then there was a 35 minute talk about the HS2, now it was interesting and I did enjoy it. But really, did we need to spend 35 minutes talking about the HS2 when there are so many other issues that are happening RIGHT NOW in Stapleford. Then the meeting finished around 830pm and that was it. There was no time left for residents to bring up any issues they wanted to discuss, issues that are important to us now, not in several years time like the HS2.

    On a plus note I stayed around afterwards as I always do at this meeting chatting with people, there were various issues that I will be following up and after a chat with the local Police there is now going to be a further patch walk around Peatfield Road/Peatfield Court and Harrison Road.

    5.Update on Action Plan Cllr Iris White

    6.Residents Issues All

    7.Date of Meetings

    The 3 points mentioned above, 5,6,7 never even got a mention.

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