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Dear Friends of Field Farm

17th March 2013 Stapleford & Trowell Rural Action Group (STRAG), Stapleford Community Group Tags: , , 0 Comments

STRAG has been informed by Broxtowe Borough Council that Westerman Homes’ outline planning application for Field Farm will most likely be determined by the Development Control Committee on Wednesday, 10 April (7pm at the New Council Chamber in the Town Hall in Beeston) – just 3 weeks before the County elections.

We are obviously disappointed since we have been advocating that the decision be made by the full Council, and not until the overall Core Strategy has been subject to inspection and public enquiry. We can only hope that the councillors will refuse it as premature – but unfortunately we haven’t had any ground so far to believe this will be the case. The report with the Council officers’ recommendation will be available with the agenda five working days in advance.

All persons who have submitted comments to the outline planning application at any stage will be personally notified by the council about a week in advance and invited to apply to speak at the meeting until Monday 8 April, 12 noon. However the council will then select only very few persons (usually those living closest or most likely to be affected by the development). There will be only two days to coordinate among the people selected and those rejected in order to finalise the statements – and this, note the timing, in the middle of the Easter school holidays!

Therefore, if you are willing to speak at the meeting, we invite you, if you wish, to get in touch with STRAG well in advance so that we can discuss the respective priority points to rise. Obviously STRAG and several other local organisations will apply to speak and we are currently working together to prepare the addresses to the Committee. Each statement will be limited to 3 minutes and no further participation of the public in the debate will be allowed.

Also, we invite you to write to your borough councillors (in courteous terms), especially those seating (as members or substitutes) in the Development Control Committee, to reinforce the reasons why you oppose the development plan and/or the timing of the decision and underline the links with their political mandate or convictions. You will find the composition and agendas of the Committee here: and various reference documents on our website,

Furthermore, the Council has decided not to follow on Stapleford Town Council’s request (supported by STRAG) to undertake an independent traffic assessment since both the Highways Agency and Nottinghamshire County Council as Highways Authority have no more objections on the proposal. We are appalled, since even laypersons were able to find serious methodological flaws in the developer’s assessments and no work has been undertaken to take the joint impact of the various developments proposed in the area (esp. on Stanton Ironworks) into consideration.

As usual, please do not hesitate to get back to us with comments, questions or suggestions. The 10th of April will be a major landmark for our campaign but, whatever the issue, it will not be the end of it!

Kind regards,

Zoë Cockcroft
On behalf of STRAG – Stapleford and Trowell Rural Action Group


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