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Dance teacher Fesa furious in row over ‘unfair’ car parking

29th March 2013 Uncategorized Tags: 0 Comments

A DANCE teacher is starting a petition over “unfair” parking permit regulations.
Fesa Mabrouk has been denied permission to park outside her home in Derby Road, Stapleford, for more than an hour by Nottinghamshire County Council.

The mother of one is also annoyed that other people in her road have been given a permit.
The 32-year-old said: “I am having to park on Brookhill Street, which is where my wing mirror was smashed off because the road is too narrow for parking and traffic.

“The other option is Bessell Lane – which is too far to walk, especially with my three-year-old son, Harley.
“At first I called the council and they said that I would be able to get a permit but then about a month ago I got a letter saying that I was not eligible for one.
“I was really angry and annoyed, especially as there is a shop two doors down that has been given a permit. It is unfair. I have tried to explain this but haven’t got anywhere which is why I am starting a petition.
“I know that people will sign it because everyone is annoyed.”
As it stands, the parking restrictions on Derby Road allows cars to park for a maximum of one hour between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday.
Only 20 metres from Mrs Mabrouk’s home, Bridgegate Properties have been given a parking permit.
Owner Jason Homer added: “My shop is on the corner of the street so that is why I think it is different for me.
“Stapleford is already run down with few businesses left at this end of town and the introduction of a parking scheme like this has only made it worse for all the shops and residents in the street that can’t park outside their property.”
Mrs Mabrouk is now hoping to gain as many signatures as possible which she will then present to the council.
Improvements manager Kate Butler, from the county council, said: “The residents’ parking scheme in question came into force on March 4.
“It is for the benefit of residents in West End Street and for those properties on either side of its junction with Derby Road and which have access from West End Street.”
He added: “For that reason property numbers 228 and 230 on Derby Road are within the scheme but 224 isn’t because it is several properties down the road.”

By Dan Russell
Nottingham Evening Post

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