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26th April 2013 Broxtowe Borough Council, Stapleford Community Group 0 Comments


Minutes from Community Action Team meetings are supposed to be released within 32 days of the meeting taking place.

Nothing has been released as yet with regards the last meeting, not far from 2 months ago.

Lots of people were there to mainly talk about Peatfield Court, Stapleford.

A Freedom Of Information request was submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council with regards information about Peatfield Court, the council refused this request on the grounds the information is needed to be used in a council meeting first.

There is still a petition doing the rounds in Stapleford for those who are against the way the residents have been treated, this will be handed in to Broxtowe Borough Council by Stapleford/Borough Councillor John McGrath.

When a request was sent to the council regarding the minutes from the meeting they replied saying the minutes are with the councillor to sign off, this was over 2 weeks ago.



  1. Present
    Councillor White Broxtowe Borough Council

    Councillor Heptinsall Nottinghamshire County Council

    Councillor Barber Broxtowe Borough Council

    PC Farrell Nottinghamshire Police

    43 residents attended

    1. Welcome and Introductions

    Councillor White welcomed everybody to the meeting and introduced guests to the meeting.

    2. Apologies

    1 resident sent apologies

    3. Police Update – for 07/03/13

    Since the last CAT meeting on the 29/11/12 there has been 2 dwelling house burglaries on Stapleford North. The first offence took place on Mayfield Drive on the 17/12/12 when entry was gained via an unlocked rear door. The second offence took place on Denver Court on 31/12/125 and 01/01/13. Entry was gained by smashing a patio door.

    There has been 3 offences of shed burglary. Two offences took place on Northwood Street on the 03/12/12 and 10/12/12. The third offence took place on New Road on the 11/02/13.

    There has been 4 offences of Theft from Motor Vehicle. These offences took place on Northwood Drive on the 30/11/12, Mayfield Drive on the 04/12/12 and 06/12/12 and Kennedy Drive on 12/01/13.

    There has been 3 offences of Theft of Motor Vehicle. These took place on Rockford Court on the 24/02/13, Arran Close on the 06/01/13 and Northwood Street on the 24/02/13.

    Crime overall in Stapleford North is 16% down on the preceding 12 month period. Dwelling House Burglaries are down by 57% and Vehicle Crime is down by 18.5%.

    Reports of ASB in the area remain low.

    Police contact numbers

    · Non-emergency – 101

    · Emergency – 999

    · Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111

    Register your property FREE online at

    Resident questions

    Q. Why has crime gone low in Stapleford?

    A. The police have worked closely with information and acted upon it swiftly, there have also been a number of operations to tackle crime.

    Q. Motorbikes on Harrison Road

    A. PC Farrell will look at this and the cut through from the garages from Peatfield Road

    4. Councillors Update

    Pot Holes – This year has been particularly bad with the weather and has help in the creation of a large number of pot holes, the County Council are busy carrying out repairs and there has been additional money from government and the county to tackle this problem.

    Toton Lane is scheduled to be resurfaced in the new financial year

    5. Residents Issues

    A lengthy discussion was held on the status and plans for Peatfield Court.

    6. HS2 Update

    Cllr Barber gave an interesting presentation on the plans for the HS2 rail link.

    If you have any issues regarding the minutes or if you require them in large print or in audio format please contact Paul Crompton – Broxtowe Borough Council, Chief Executive’s Department on 917 3754

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