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Minister makes clear -Green Belt land remains specially protected/new threat to Toton/Highways looking at Field Farm

27th April 2013 MP Anna Soubry, Updates from Politicians Tags: , , , , , 0 Comments

picture-22737The latest news on my campaign to stop Broxtowe Borough Council from handing over our Green Belt to housing development.

Hello again,
This is a special email newsletter in relation to our Green Belt with some good news from the Planning Minister but continuing concern about plans to develop the Green Belt at Toton.
Please let me know your views and enjoy the rest of the weekend.
As ever,

Minister makes it clear – Green Belt land remains protected and praises the Rushcliffe approach
Nick Boles MP, the Planning Minister has made it clear that Green Belt land remains specially protected. in a letter to me he writes

“we are absolutely clear that local councils are in charge of their Green Belt”

Nick goes on to say

“…even where there is not an up to date Local Plan in place the presumption in favour of sustainable development would not apply where the impact of granting planning permission for development would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits or where the specific policies in the Framework such as the Green belt, indicate that development should be restricted.
Policy is therefore clear that neither unmet need nor the presumption in favour of sustainable development automatically override Green belt protection. “I have been calling on Broxtowe Borough Council to reject the top down target of 6,150 houses and instead determine our housing need. We only have a enough non Green Belt land (brown field land) for 3-3,500 houses, which is more than double our need based on our population rise over the last ten years.

Rushcliffe Borough Council set its own housing need and worked with communities throughout the Borough. Their approach was criticised by Planning Inspectors, and as a result Labour and Lib Dem Councillors in Broxtowe poured scorn on me.

So, I wrote to Eric Pickles explaining the situation in Rushcliffe; Nick has replied as the Minister with responsibility for Planning. I believe Nick supports my view and I also believe he praises the Rushcliffe approach

” …..I welcome the Council’s concern to ensure that local people support its policies, and its willingness to engage in cross-boundary negotiation and evidence – gathering under the Duty to Cooperate.”
I am meeting Eric Pickles next week to discuss both the Field Farm decision and the new threat to Toton’s Green Belt (see below)
Meanwhile, I will share Nick’s letter and my original to Eric Pickles with Rushcliffe and Broxtowe Borough Councils and the Planning Inspectorate.

Read Nick Boles’s letter by clicking here

New plans for building on Toton’s Green Belt

Peverill have amended their planning application for the Green Belt land at Toton to include
·         a 70 bed care home
·         695 houses
·         3 shops
·         a day nursery
·         education facilities
·         an office block
·         a pub/restaurant
·         a GP surgery
·         and just over an acre for “community use”
The application can be viewed by clicking here

The closing date for comments is May 13 and I very much hope that you will object to the application. I am all for the HS2 East Midlands hub coming to Toton Sidings and this is a great opportunity for economic development to provide jobs. Instead, it is being used as a back door route to build hundreds of houses on Green Belt land. What is planned is not sustainable and is neither needed or wanted.
Anyone who knows Broxtowe knows that for years now development has been seen as nothing more than nodding through another huge housing development bereft of green open spaces, good community facilities, half decent or any public transport and uncongested roads.
The controlling Labour / Lib Dem group originally made the Green Belt land at Toton one of their two preferred sites for development only changing their minds after residents, their Councillors and I protested. Broxtowe HS2 is a golden opportunity which is in danger of being squandered by those who control Broxtowe Borough Council unless they have the courage to reject the plans.

Field Farm – Highways respond

I have now heard from the Highways Agency about the Field Farm application approved by Broxtowe Borough Council the other week (read their letter by clicking here )
The Highways Authority is only now looking at the affect of both the application for thousands of houses at Stanton and the 450 at Field Farm on the A52.  My concern is that Broxtowe should have had this assessment before agreeing to development at Field Farm. In my view this is another argument why Eric Pickles should “call in” the Field Farm decision namely l an Inquiry so all matters can be properly considered.

Anna Soubry MP


  1. Edith Stevens 9 years Reply

    do your readers know there are already plans for the tram to go to the new Stanton housing development!

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