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News from Nick Palmer, Labour Party Spokesman, 1 May 2013

1st May 2013 Nick Palmer, Updates from Politicians Tags: 0 Comments

nick_palmer_2501Just a few short updates.

1. Parochial Politics in a Today’s World

You may be interested in the article I wrote in my monthly Nottingham Post column, published today:

2. A GP Service at the QMC?

I met the clinical lead on the local NHS CCG today (Dr Guy Mansford) and we talked about the concerns that many people express to me over the direction of the changes to the NHS, as well as related developments including the coming cutbacks to social services. He responded helpfully to my questions and leaving aside the political aspects I was glad to see his constructive approach in a very constrained funding environment.

A specific development that I’d not heard about is that a GP service at the QMC is under serious consideration. As you know, normally you have to go through your GP to be seen at the hospital unless you have an emergency. The problem is that most people can’t easily judge what an emergency is, or they are too mobile to have a regular GP, so A&E gets lots of people who don’t really need specialists.

What currently happens in this case is that you wait a few hours before being seen, and they then tell you to see your GP. This is frustrating both for the patient (who feels fobbed off) and the other patients (who are waiting longer as a result). The idea of the GP service would be to triage off the minor cases which the GP could deal with, shortening the A&E waiting time for all the more serious cases. In principle this seems a good idea to me.

3. Right to Film

Under the last government, a ban was introduced on filming the police during anti-terrorist operations, but this was interpreted as a ban on filming them more generally, which doesn’t encourage accountability. A constituent asks me to draw attention to a cartoon film that’s been made about this to reassure people about what they have a right to do if they see what they believe to be abuses of power:

4. Local Play

I’ve been asked to let you know about this:

Riverside Drama Company, based in Beeston and Long Eaton, are putting on “Once a Catholic” by Mary O’Malley at the Duchess Theatre (at the
Chatsworth Centre,) in Long Eaton on June 27th to June 29th. It’s an
amateur production and we like to do something a bit more interesting
than farces and thrillers. Next production in October: Shakespeare’s
Twelfth Night.

Best regards

Nick Palmer

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