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[BroxtoweInfo] County council election results

5th May 2013 Nick Palmer, Updates from Politicians Tags: , , 0 Comments

nick_palmer_2501Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who voted on Thursday, whoever you voted for! I had a busy couple of weeks in each of Broxtowe’s divisions and clocked up over 100 hours on doorsteps in all.

As you’ve probably heard, Labour won back control of Nottinghamshire with a huge leap from 15 seats to 34, mostly at the expense of the Conservatives. Against the national trend, UKIP lost its only seat, though that disguised a surge in UKIP support across the county, notably here in Toton and Chilwell, Nuthall, Kimberley and Trowell and Beauvale. Here Labour’s Kate Foale won Beeston South from Conservative Eric Kerry.

The LibDems defended all but one of their seats, though usually with sharply reduced majorities – Labour’s Gill Yamin in Bramcote and Stapleford got within 82 of winning and Mick Warner cut Steve Carr’s majority in Beeston North (where I spent polling day trying to persuade people) by over two thirds: the Conservative vote here collapsed, with significant numbers switching tactically to Steve. An exception was Ken Rigby in Kimberley and Trowell, who romped home easily as he usually does, again helped by a 16% drop in the Tory vote (they fell from 2nd to 4th). The LibDem councillors deserve real credit for the strength of their personal vote.

Other close shaves included Beauvale, now a three-cornered Con/Lab/UKIP marginal, and Chilwell and Toton, where Labour’s David Patrick and Janet Pearce came close to the winners, Conservatives Richard Jackson and John Doddy.

Independent Richard Macrae’s performance in Bramcote and Stapleford was also impressive: his 9th place in this many-cornered battle obscures the fact that he was within 3% of winning.

Whether running the County Council is going to be an enjoyable experience for Labour is debatable, with the huge Government cuts coming down the line. But it gives some scope for focusing protection on those who need it most.

For full results for each area, see:

What happens next? The parties will all choose their 2015 Parliamentary candidates in the coming months, and the 2014 Euro-election is the next scheduled event. Why not join your preferred party to help influence what happens?

Best wishes


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