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How Much Rubbish.

23rd May 2013 Broxtowe Borough Council, Stapleford Community Group, Sure Start Stapleford Tags: , , , , 0 Comments

From left to right.

Mick, Stapleford Caretaker, Eastwood Estate Caretaker,(Broxtowe Borough Council estate caretakers) Michelle Ransom (Stapleford Sure Start), Sarah Bird (Broxtowe Borough Council estates manager) , Richard MacRae (Stapleford Community Group).

Today we filled 2 large skips full of rubbish off the Melbourne Road estate, known locally as “top shops”. The caretakers have also collected 11 full transit vans full of rubbish off the estate after residents came and notified us of what they had to get rid of.

Steve Woodmore also made 4 trips with scrap metal.

There were many items recycled back into the community as we put to one side items that we thought to good to throw away, a family were lucky to receive a nearly new mattress, as well as bedroom furniture.

Books, dvds and videos have been split up and donated to the various charity shops in.
The event has been a huge success and Richard MacRae would like to thank both Stapleford Sure Start childrens centre and Broxtowe Borough Council for all there hard work and without them this would not have been able to take place.

We must also thank Billy for letting us take over his car park for the day and my Mum for bringing me some sandwiches and a Banana around for me to eat.

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