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Parade may be lost after police pull out

23rd May 2013 Nottingham Evening Post Tags: 0 Comments

THE popular Stapleford carnival will this year be without a parade unless volunteers come forward.

The event organised by the Notts-Derbys Hemlock Stone Lions Club is due to take place on Saturday, September 7, at Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground.

However, the organisers say that for the first time in 17 years the event that attracts thousands of people will not have a parade due to the police refusing to use resourcesto close and marshal the route from Bessell Lane to Ilkeston Road.

Carnival organiser Katharine Stewart from Notts-Derbys Hemlock Stone Lions Club said: “For the last four or five years I have organised the carnival and in the last few years there has been more and more red tape to negotiate.

“We used to send a letter to the police saying when it would take place and they would sort it and send some officers.

“However, this year we had a meeting with the police and they emphatically said that they would not marshal the event.

She added: “Last year we had more than 4,000 people come to the carnival and the parade had floats, walkers and a marching band and we never in our wildest dreams thought that it would be our last one.

“We are all volunteers and it is such a shame it has come to this. The only way we can save it is if we can get at least 40 volunteers and raise enough money to cover the costs but it is a big ask.”

It is thought that roughly £1,000 will be needed to pay a company to close the necessary roads on the 1.5 mile route.

The carnival and parade has been described as the biggest community event of the year.

Member Richard MacRae from the Stapleford Community Group added: “A carnival without a parade is just a fete and it is not the same.

“It really is the biggest thing in Stapleford and without the parade I don’t know what effect that will have on the whole carnival.”

A police statement said: “In the past we have taken a common sense approach in helping the county council with things such as road closures, however, along with forces up and down the country we are faced with financial constraints which means that more than ever we have to prioritise our resources where there is the greatest demand.

“We try to attend and support as many public events as we can but we are not involved in running them, we are there to support them and be a presence for the public.

“We are committed to attendance on the day but as with anything, should an incident happen we may be taken away to deal with it.”

Dan Russell
Nottingham Post


  1. Richard MacRae has spoken to local development company Peveril Securities who have already offered to lend us 40 High Viz vests and are also in talks with the Hemlock Lions about the possibility of sponsoring the event (fingers crossed).

    40 volunteers isn’t a lot really and I am sure there are 40 people in Stapleford who can donate a few hours of there time on Saturday 7th September, they can still enjoy the Carnival and have the satisfaction that they helped make the parade happen.

    As and when we receive more details they willbe posted online.

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