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Person Assaulted in Stapleford

5th June 2013 Police Alerts, Update & Messages. Tags: , 0 Comments

Earlier this evening a person has been assaulted outside Sainsburys on Central Avenue, Stapleford.

Police are looking for witnesses to come forward. Please call 101 if you have any information

Central Avenue remains closed from the junction of Ryecroft Street upto Sainsburys,which remains open.

There will be a police statement released shortly.


  1. hope they are ok total madness wot is this crap hole coming too

  2. Jodie 8 years Reply

    I don’t think ‘coming to’ is the right question more like ‘why does this KEEP happening’ let’s not forgot the incident of 15 years ago where a boy of 16 was killed in a knife attack at that same spot and 5 years ago the shop was robbed at knifepoint. When’s a community not a community. When they’re bloody killing each other!!!!! Feel ashamed to live here

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