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[BroxtoweInfo] Labour’s selection under way

8th June 2013 Nick Palmer, Updates from Politicians Tags: , 0 Comments

Hi all,

As you’ll have seen if you subscribe to my website, Broxtowe Labour’s selection process is under way, and will conclude with a vote on August 3. You can find the reselection campaign part of my website here:

Comments can be posted on the site, both supportive and critical – you can say anything you like about me, but please don’t criticise any other candidates that may appear.

A few points:

* If you’d like to ask me anything, or pledge your support, do drop me an email. If you would like me to be the candidate again, you might like to consider sending me a quote to use on the endorsements page or making a small contribution to the campaign fund.

* If you’ve been a paid-up Labour Party member for 6 months, you are entitled to vote. If you don’t hear from the party by Tuesday with details, let me know and I’ll pass it on.

* If you’re a member, regardless of who you’d like to be the candidate, please inscribe August 3 in letters of fire in your diary.
If you can’t be sure to able to come to the selection meeting (which I think will be at the Inham Nook Methodist Church in Chilwell), please ask for a postal vote. We lose about a tenth of Labour’s vote in every election from supporters who think they’ll be around but are ill or unexpectedly away on the day, and it’s very frustrating – don’t risk missing out on this!

And if you’re not currently a member but are generally sympathetic, don’t you feel a bit of a pang that you can’t be involved? Selections are an especially enjoyable part of politics, because quite a small number of people can make up the winning margin. It’s too late to join now to take part in this one, but why not join to help in the General Election, and to choose the borough candidates, selections for which will be coming up next year? You could even consider applying to stand for the Borough yourself…

Best wishes

Nick Palmer

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